the goal of this site was to touch the hearts, and rise the spirits, of as many people as possible. little did i know, i'd be affected to an even greater extent by your overwhelming response! i set up this feedback area to post your letters, spreading your words of hope and faith even further. hopefully, they'll have as wonderful an affect on you as they did on me. thank you so much for all of your warmth!!

if you have any questions or comments, or would like to add your feedback, please feel free to email me!

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Your site has been very touching and reaching to myself and others I have read many of the comments in the feedback pages that tell the sentiments of so many. I will say to the many who have and will forever be affected by the events of the 911 events (as it has become known), we ARE One Great Nation and we ARE One Spirited People and will forever be One
United Nation Under God Indivisible for which it stand One Nation Under Godfor Liberty and Justis for all. We should not allow ourselves to doubt, and dishonor our Flag; our Constitution, and the Freedoms bestowed on us as a Nation by those who fought and died for our Country. We are the United States of America, we are the Greatest Nation in the World. And as such we will do what it takes to hold on to our way of Life Now and Forever. Because, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are what we have as a people, and they are the greatest gifts given to us by our fathers, brothers and Sisters who came before us.

It is a Nation that in times of adversity stands and rises the human condition to achieve the greatest of all endeavors...the will to survive. Leaving in it's path the mark of endurance and determination for all to look back on. We will follow in it's foot steps and allow others the same opportunity, to keep us a free nation and revel it as a people. That is the price we pay and a very big one it is. So we will not take our responsibilities lightly.

I will do my part to continue this freedom we hold dear. What will you do?



Great movie on the home page, very inspiring!

I have a site where people can submit their thoughts and/or artwork in relation to this tragedy. Take a look


I am Alisia from California. All I can really say is WOW...and Thank You. I am not in any branch of the military, nor do I know anyone in it, however I got to this site by way of a radio commercial indicating that I can show my support thru email and I thought I would check it out. All of the things that have been going on in the past few days and weeks have just horrified me, but on the flip side of that it has made me very proud to be an American. Yes, I know that before the attacks I too was in this comfortable state of life. Now, my world has been changed and I realize the importance of what I have and am now realizing what it means to be a United States Citizen and an American. I will not hide or be afraid as I will not let them win. I will show my pride in the colors of my Country, I will wear red, white and blue, I will fly my flag high and proud with dignity for it will give! us all strength. Rob, Thank You for what you have done here with this video. I would like to help, I'm not really sure how or even what I am offering, but I think that this needs to be shown always. Again, great job and drop me a line, I would like to help get this across our great nation.
Alisia :o)

Hello Rob, How are you doing? someone sent me a link to your site and i have to comment on it- It is wonderfull!!! Youve done a remarkable job at capturing the emotions and outcome of this tragic event. I am real sorry to hear about the bill but if you do descide to make a cd of this let me know cause i would love one! I am also asking around among friends hoping i can help out in some way..... ive sent your site to a few other friends also- I know your movie has touched many and i hope that a way is found so it can continue to touch lives....... thanks again! I had to email to say this and thank you for it..... good luck on everything!

Sincerely, Amanda

Hi, I am the proud mother of an Air Force Son. While others have cried, I have held my tears, almost afraid to breathe. While others have mourned, I have steeled my heart for what is yet to come. But I must say that watching this video has brought about more emotion than anyone could ever imagine. Thank you, and thank everyone who protects us, helps to keep us safe, and keeps our Liberty Free.

Love to All
Cleda Hargis, Mother to
James A. Fair
United States Air Force

I am truly speechless. I must say to you.....Thank you. I was so moved after seeing your tribute. The most outstanding common factor was the genuine sorrow and concern conveyed between family, friends, co-workers and strangers. I wish, like so many others, that I could express my feelings of sorrow to the families of those who have lost their lives. You have done an outstanding job of doing this and I commend you for a job well done. God bless you and keep you safe. God bless this beautiful planet and all that lives upon it. Thank you again.

Your "movie" was truly beautiful. I am sending this on to my friends.


We are having General H. Norman Schwarzkopf on campus December 7, 2001 for
an event honoring our veterans and heroes. As an introduction before he
speaks I am preparing a PowerPoint photo presentation honoring our veterans.
After viewing your movie, I would like to inquire about the possibility of
showing it at the event. We will have about 2500 people present.

Tom L. Childers
Church Resources Director
Freed-Hardeman University

Thank you for that incredible music pictorial in memory of our national loss september 11. I am a professional firefighter in florida. It was very touching.
Thank you,
George Bessler
Firefighter/ Paramedic Seminole Fire Rescue


September 11, 2001 was in the eyes of all people who value life and freedon, a horrible tragity. Most people after watching it happen were without words, many cried, many were left with bitterness and deep anger.
It is the spirit of America, our fallen Hero's, our Leaders, and many unspoken acts of patriotism that will guide us in this time of need to gather ourselves and become stronger.
I truely believe we have shown strength already, and it is
through men like yourself that we have been able to express it. You are a true patriot because you have put your wonderful talent to use for that in which you believe. May God bless you, May God bless those who believe in what America stands for, and May God bless America.
Bill Jackson..Pennsylvania

Thank you for a wonderful moment! It is incredible how strong we really are.


As a member of the United States Army, I greatly applaud you for your efforts in getting your very personal and patriotic message out. Like most of the other service members, I joined the military to do SOMETHING better for my family and country. Unfortunately, it is only now that people are starting to undersand the deep feelings that I have everyday when I salute the flag and pay the respect deserved to the flag and my fellow service members. It is amazing the support and concern that I have gotten from eveyone that I have met recently. I also grew up being a firefighters daughter. It breaks my heart that it took all of this horror for many people to stand up and take notice of what these couragous men and woman deal with on a daily basis. Thank you again for putting your message out there. God bless America and together we stand as ONE.

Rhonda Figueroa
USA Fort Lewis WA



Absolutely awesome and moving movie. As an American soldier, I want to tell you I was very moved.


UH-60 Black Hawk Pilot
Fort Bragg, NC

I would like to thank you, and all of the other people who made the movies. It gives me the strength and the courage to get through my days.

I am a military spouse, my husband is gone to parts unknown, for the first time in the 11 years we've been together, I cannot talk to him. Your movie, and the others on the tribute site, have really helped me put into perspective the reason for the mission. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Linda van Dijk
McGuire AFB, NJ

I just wanted to say that your website was wonderful. Thank you for the time you put into it and the words of hope you pass with it..... THANK YOU!
US Navy

Hi Rob!

WOW! What an incredible website you've created! As I've viewed it (several times now), I can't help but think how very proud I am to have you as one of the recipients of Bobby's Memorial Scholarship a few years back. The spirit behind that scholarship is the boy who inspired the following words: "Imagine, if you will, the effect...if we all incorporate in our lives a little more humility, a concern for fellow man, a pledge to further develop the potential of our individual talents, and a commitment to decency! If, indeed, we wish to memorialize [Bob], let us start by being motivated by the beautiful qualities this fine young man shared with us: there could be no more fitting tribute to his memory."

Thank you so much for taking those words seriously--for using your talents and your sensitivity on behalf of those who are hurting...on behalf of those who gave their very lives...on behalf of those of us who need a place to come together for support and inspiration...on behalf of our country and all just and freedom-loving people throughout of the world. You have more than fulfilled the intent of this scholarship in memory of one 17 year-old boy who loved Eagle Scout who loved his family and country. We who know you and have watched you grow into the fine man you have become are in awe and very grateful.

Imagine...imagine all the loved ones and brave people who were taken from us in the September 11 atrocity--and the tremendous inspiration we can take from the quality and heroism of the lives they led, however brief. May we all, with God's help, recommit ourself to the values of compassion. courage, decency, and commitment to society which lie at the heart of our beautiful country. God Bless America! And God Bless you, Rob!

Bobby's Mom

Dear Rob,

I'm speechless after watching the streamline video and the music that accompanied it. For me, it helped bring many emotions embezzled deep in my soul. Like others I am sure, it takes "stirring of emotions" to heal. Your talent will help heal America.

I would like to thank you again for showing us your patriotism through this magnificent piece of work. You truly stand tall and guide many of us into renewing our faith and loyalty to America....the land of the free.

Thanks so much,
Alexandra :)


I see that your site is a non profit site and and one that is well done at that. I was wondering if you would be interested in exchanging links with us. You can link to either If you would prefer to place our banner on your site instead of a text link, let me know.

Thank you,

Terry Helliker


Your work has touched us all here at the United States Air Force Academy. I have never seen such a change in the personalities of my fellow cadets as I did after your link passed silently through the network to all or our computers. The pride in being an American is stronger than I have ever seen, or ever imagined our nation could unite. I personally was deeply inspired and reminded of the reason I have chosen to serve this great nation. Thank you so much.

Very Respectfully,

Cadet Fourth Class Olin
United States Air Force Academy
Cadet Squadron 09 - Valhalla

A truly moving tribute... previous posters have said all I could say. We're buying US flags here in Australia too.

Ever thought of using Samuel Barbers 'Adagio for Strings' in any future projects? It is the most hauntingly beautiful piece of music and what's more, it's American.

Richard, Melbourne.

It Was very moving movie clip, Thank you for doing it. This country is going
to remain free.

Roy Miller
Korean War Veterans Association
Cincinnati, Chapter 121

Remember the Korean War

This was forwarded to me in NY from a friend in MD. I just wanted to say...thank you. Well done, well said.
Darlene Lombardo


Donna M. Ayres

Dear Mr. Kamphausen,

My hubby just sent me the link to this movie, and I wanted to thank you for such an inspiring and empowering set of imagery. The images of that day have been burned into my brain, but to see them in a way that brings all of us together, and healing, means alot to me.

Warm Thanks and Brightest Blessings,
Marion Ritchey

All eyes were on the sky
Many people stared and then began to cry
As they watched in great horror
The tears came with great sorrow
Our world was changing before our eyes
No one could stop looking up to the sky
Lord help us What is this we all see
The planes the crash the fires could this be
Not in our country Not in the USA
This is what the American people do say
How can this be what went wrong
Our country is free we are strong
We are puzzled confused But we have courage
We will survive we will flourish
We will show the world we will not fall
Togethe we stand one and all
This is the day we are united as one
Written by me 9-11-2001

Written by anna b. Fuchsel Age 76

Dear Rob,
I just saw your great video, and read the responses. All were very moving. I was in Pakistan on Sept. 11, that's where I live and work. I only have a radio, but went next door to see BBC after hearing one sentence on the radio, that a plane had hit one tower of the WTC. I saw the second plane hit on live TV, and just sat there stunned, in tears. There was only one other American around, so the folks actually around me didn't quite understand the depth of my pain as I watched. But in less than 2 weeks every one of us had had to evacuate out of the country, away from our homes and the international school we work at, so the others came more and more to understand the profound effects of that terrible day. I am writing this to say to you and anyone else who reads this: despite what the media portrays to us, the people of Pakistan were shocked and appalled at the terrorist action. Some of them, it is true, support the Taliban and so are not sympathetic to America, but I never talked to a single Pakistani who thought it was right to bomb a building full of civilians like that, and most of them were horrified and begged me to tell people of their sorrow over the event and their desire to stop terrorism, wherever it may be found. Just as there are racists in America, yet they do not represent America, so there are Taliban supporters in Pakistan, yet they do not represent it. As we mourn for our country and come together to pray for it, please pray that Pakistan will also experience unity, and not go the way of neighboring Afghanistan, shattered by civil war and with thousands starving.--Nancy, now in Texas.


I can't tell you how impressed I was by your flash movie. The combination of picture and music is as moving as anything I have ever seen. Thank you for expressing so well the spirit of America following this tragedy.

As one with a long military history in my family, I have always felt a very deep love for this country and was often saddened by the lack of it displayed in some people who just seemed to take it for granted; but now for many, including myself, things have changed. I feel a greater sense of love and pride than ever before, and I see it in so many others as well. There are times I feel my heart will burst as I drive through my neighborhood and on the highways through town and see flags on almost every house and building. President Theodore Roosevelt once said that "There is no room in the United States for hyphenated Americanism," and I think we see that lived everywhere, every day. May that never change!

God bless you, God bless all of our leaders as they guide us through this time and beyond, and God bless America!


Dear Rob,
I am teacher and an eleven year old boy in my class told me to watch your movie. I opened it, and again so many feelings overtook me as my heart rolled down my cheeks again. Australia and in particlular its youth, turns to America as its mentor, its example, a 'big-brother'. Watching your sight showed me what an awesome influence you and your countrymen are. We share your hero's, your courage, your pride, your tears. Our hearts, our children's hearts, are with you. The world of freedom is with you all. Peace and Courage be in your hearts. I would be honoured if you placed this with your messages.

Maree, 27

Hi Rob,

I think your movie is the epitomy of what all humans should have felt. Thanks so much for your time and effort. Also I should let you know that the US gov is archiving sites
and I suggested yours. Hope you dont' mind. I just feel it's so incredible.

Keep up your flash skills they're incredible, one day I'll get the hang of all that.
Susie Wong
Elizabeth City, NC

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