the goal of this site was to touch the hearts, and rise the spirits, of as many people as possible. little did i know, i'd be affected to an even greater extent by your overwhelming response! i set up this feedback area to post your letters, spreading your words of hope and faith even further. hopefully, they'll have as wonderful an affect on you as they did on me. thank you so much for all of your warmth!!

if you have any questions or comments, or would like to add your feedback, please feel free to email me!

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I was so moved by your movie that it is very hard to express how it made me
feel. I have forwarded a poem that I wrote after the tragedy, and would be
honored if you would add it to the feedback pages following the movie.

New York

An Indescribable Feeling

It's hard to express the feelings I feel
This atrocity is so unbelievable, in truth surreal
We hear of atrocities that occur worldwide
We never thought it could touch our countryside
So hard to believe, to try and understand
How something so horrific could occur in our land
The World Trade Center a symbol of strength and pride
Has now been destroyed by a hatred undenied
These bastards thought they had destroyed our soul, had made us afraid
Well they don't know Americans and the sacrifices that we have made
To bond us together, to help each other, both stranger and friend
To work side by side to find the means to an end
To recover the survivors and help those who has suffered a loss
To make ourselves whole again, regardless of cost
The many volunteers who have given their time
To help all those people, to show how Old Glory will shine
The Firefighters, police, and people who have given their lives to help another
Our friends, our families, our sisters and brothers
The hours of hard work, of hope and of faith
A love and committment that could never be replaced
The United States Of America's spirit will never be dimmed
Our People are United and in that truth against evil we win


Dear Rob:

I found a link to your site through a discussion forum. I was absolutely blown away by your movie. I thought I was all cried out. I was wrong.

I have been journaling my feelings, emotions, thoughts, experiences since 09.11.01 while saving magazines, newspapers, photo's of flags being flown in my area, church bulletins, etc. I'm creating a 09.11.01 memorabilia box for the future. I'm a bit of a history buff and I thought how much I would have loved to have found a box of such items from the attack on Pearl Harbor or the Civil War.

I really think my "09.11.01 Box For The Future" needs your movie to be complete. You have done a fantastic job catching the emotions of this very unique time in our lives. Please let us know if you should decide to sell this. I really would like to have a copy.

Glad you got some well-deserved good press, too, along with the other sites. My entire family has enjoyed your work and my son wants to share your URL with his 4th grade class. I'm really glad to hear that your server is cooperating and working with you on the bill. That's the least they can do.

Thanks so much and best regards;



Thank you. I was moved to tears even as the weeks pass by. It really shows how our country is coming together and hopefully will stay together. God bless you!

Dale (Chicago)


Great effort! We in Canada have been deeply affected by what has occurred to our neighbours. We all feel a very strong comittment to our American cousins. Let's keep our two countries' friendship strong and everlasting. Your enemies are our enemies.

Kingston, Ontario, Canada.


Thank you so very much for expressing what so many of us feel and do not know how to express. I am a long way from NY and the Pentagon here in Texas, but feel the pain as if it were here. Please remember the Pentagon and Penn. victims as well. They are a lesser amount of victims and tend to get lost in the greater carnage of the WTC.
God Bless The USA
Proud to be an American

Diane in Texas

I was completely in awe of your "movie." It was mesmerizing to watch and filled me completely with hope. We have a lot of heroes to proud of and those not just being the firemen and policemen but the everyday citizen who is out there digging and praying day after day! God Bless America!!
Heather Fezuk
Scranton, PA


Hello. I was extremely moved by the movie you have made to reflect every American's feelings toward this horrific historical event. I would most definitely like to order a copy. Thank you, Katie Kohl

That is, by far, the best tribute I have seen.


I received an email notifying me to the existence of your film. I am so glad I saw your tribute. I still cry if I think too long about the terrible tragedies that have occurred. I have a child, so I cannot let that happen. I am so very glad that people like you are creating such beautiful and uplifting pieces of art to help everyone deal with the loss of loved ones, our collective sense of security, and peace of mind. your film also succeeds in galvanizing our sense of
determination in overcoming these events and making not just our country, but the world safe for caring and loving human beings. God bless you.

Jennifer, Ohio

I don't usually respond to websites, but yours is one I cannot ignore. I want to thank you for compiling these pictures and your comments, making us forever remember the tragedy, the lost lives, the broken hearts; yet you didn't leave us in also gave us recognition of our strength united, of the support of so many nations, and the knowledge that together we WILL overcome terriorism.

My thank you seems so inadequate, but THANK YOU.

Judy B. Seiters


I just wanted you to know that I thought your video was just outstanding. In the midst of this devastating loss, I am so proud of my country and my countrymen, and the people of the world who have rallied to show their support. You captured that feeling beautifully.

Best Wishes
Karen Milam

God bless you, Rob.
Linda Coley

Hi Rob

Thanks for that terrific site. September 11 2001 will be a day to remember for a very long, long time. We are all in shock here is Australia as well and we all feel your pain. Let us all keep our strength and pray to God that justice will prevail this day in the future.



I just saw your movie and I thought it was great, it gets you all pumped up with patriotic feeling. and i hope your site stays up for a long time

I think your server should be very proud to host such a great work of art. What a wonderful treasure to hand down to our grandchildren.

I received a very moving e-mail today. I'm sure you probably already received it but just in case.

Mary Welland
Lancaster, CA

Subject: What is "normal?" Do we want to go back?

Four thousand gathered for mid-day prayer in a downtown cathedral. A New
York City church filled, and emptied, six times last Tuesday. The owner of a
Manhattan tennis shoe store threw open his doors and gave
running shoes to those fleeing the towers. People stood in lines to give
blood, in hospitals to treat the sick, in sanctuaries to pray for the

America was different this week. We wept for people we did not know. We
sent money to families we've never seen. Talk-show hosts read Scriptures,
journalists printed prayers. Our focus shifted from fashion hemlines and
box scores to orphans and widows and the future of the world. (Not a word was
said about Gary Condit)

We were different this week. Republicans stood next to Democrats.
Catholics prayed with Jews. The ash of burning towers covered skin color.

This is a different country than it was a week ago. We're not as self-centered as
we were. We're not as self-reliant as we were. Hands are out. Knees are bent.
This is not normal. And I have to ask the question, "Do we want to go back to normal?"

Are we being given a glimpse of a new way of life? Are we, as a nation,
being reminded that the enemy is not each other and the power is not in
ourselves and the future is not in our bank accounts?

Could this unselfish prayerfulness be the way God intended for us to live
all along? Maybe this, in his eyes, is the way we are called to live. And
perhaps the best response to this tragedy is to refuse to go back to

Perhaps the best response is to follow the example of Tom Burnet. He was a
passenger of flight 93. Minutes before the plane crashed in the fields of
Pennsylvania he reached is wife by cell phone. "We're all going to die," he
told her, "but there are three of us who are going to do something about
it." The other two heroes of flight 93 were Todd Beamer and Jeremy Glick.
Glick told his wife, "we are not hostages, we are strapped to a guided
missile and we are going to do something about it."

We can do something about it as well. We can resolve to care more. We can
resolve to pray more. And we can resolve that, God being our helper, we'll
never go back to normal again.

Max Lucado [author of many Christian books]


An inspirational rendition of the heartfelt courage and unity displayed by your great nation, and echoed by countless billions, worldwide.

I feel your anguish, am touched by your unity, moved by your love, and send my compassion, across the ocean, hoping to share in your vision.

Peter/Johannesburg/South Africa

I think the movie is GREAT! I would sell it on CD to make enough money to keep the server running and donate the rest to the Red Cross or to one of the funds set up for the firemen, EMT's, and Police Officer killed in the line of duty. Just a little side not I am a volunteer EMT
from Long Island and have been at ground zero. Anything you can do to keep the national pride up is good, the support that the Fire, EMS, and PD have received has kept us going. This movie has made many of us cry in pride watching.

Thanks -Rob Stadelman


Thank you. I have seen everything relating to September 11th that I could get my hands on. Your work of art was the truest, most deeply moving statement I have seen. You said so much that so many people are feeling. This deserves the highest level of exposure possible. Everyone I know will be made aware of it. Amazing. God bless you. God bless the United States of America. We will prevail.

Rob W.

This is wonderful, and I hope you sell millions to provide more relief funds for the victims.

I've donated all that I can through the organization where I live.


Thank You for that, and God Bless the U.S.A.
Dax Gingras
Lakeland, Florida

Your link was passed to me by some of our friends in New York and I have to say it puts a lot of Hollywood product in the shade

No superlative would be enough to describe the feelings it evokes, it hits the mark - well done, you are a true credit to your country

Gordon Millar
Bathgate, Scotland

My brother sent the address to me and I thought it was Awesome! I think it will be wonderful for our grandchildren & great granchildren to see when the younger ones are old enough to understand what is taking place in our Country now.

I'll bet you had no idea that your creation would get this BIG in popularity, did you?
It's wonderful.
Thank you very much,

Sandy Huddleston


You have constructed an emotional, beautiful message for America. Viewing your website helped to focus me on why I serve and what it truly means to be a part of this great nation. Thank you for what you have given us. God Bless America.

Cadet Miller, David
United States Military Academy

You may have no idea how inspiring this work is.
Advertising is OK. Selling CD is OK.
I personally would love to see you make another one.
You have touched so many with this and the word is spreading like wildfire.
If you think you are busy now- just wait.....
Please do what you can to keep it up. Thanks.
Bruce Cairns

Hi Rob,
I'm sure you have heard it a hundred times, but I really love the movie you put together. My dad who was in the Air Force Reserves has just been called to be active full time in the Air Force. It makes me sad and angry that he has to leave until all this is over with, but I do know that God is the one in control. I'm sorry that you don't have enough money to keep up the site. If I had money I would definitely help out. If you ever do make a cd with this, please let me know. Emily

I was very moved and impressed by your web site - GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

RosaLee Cullen

Dear Rob,
I realize I am just one of many who have been moved by your website. I don't think you sound like a jerk, you are a realist who is doing something you were moved to do. I am a retired veteran and a man of god and I would gladly pay for a copy of your movie. I think a reasonable price would be $9.95 and if the 67,000 people who already have hit your site buy one I am sure this will cover the necessary cost of this project. Rob I believe people are put on this earth for a purpose and it is our job to make the most of what God gives us. I believe yours was to give hope and a belief in the human spirit that was tried to be taken from us on the day we shall never forget. I work in a Senior High School in New Hampshire and the one thing I see the children of this generation do not have are heroes and as your movie states I believe we have that now and a determined spirit to overcome this tragedy felt by us all. I call on all americans who might read this to support you and this project and we will send a message to the world through what we do now.
God Bless You and America
Matthew Milbourn
Meredith, New Hampshire


That was a real fine video. Thanks.God bless America.

Bill Hutto
Bay Springs, Ms.

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