the goal of this site was to touch the hearts, and rise the spirits, of as many people as possible. little did i know, i'd be affected to an even greater extent by your overwhelming response! i set up this feedback area to post your letters, spreading your words of hope and faith even further. hopefully, they'll have as wonderful an affect on you as they did on me. thank you so much for all of your warmth!!

if you have any questions or comments, or would like to add your feedback, please feel free to email me!

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Dear Rob,
Thank you for the beautiful site. You have captured the world's pain, and the humanity and determination we'll need to rise above this and make the world a better place.
thank you,

What an inspiring montage. And the comments from around the world! My tears won't stop. Lord why did something so awful have to happen to bring us back together as a nation ... as brothers and sisters around the world? I can't begin to thank you enough for your inspiration. You can see what positive affects you have had on us just by reading the comments. And yes, it would be great to see this as a commercial or trailer before a movie.

I just can't believe I will never see the Towers again. I look at the pictures I took from the top and am at a loss. And each time I visit my step-father, buried at Arlington Cemetery, from his grave I will see the side that was attacked. How the spirits must have wept in sorrow and rage when the Pentagon burst into flames.

May God continue to bless you and inspire you. May God bless America!

Charmaine MacCue
Colorado Springs, CO


I saw your piece and cried openly. You have sounded out my heartstrings and played upon them. Need I say more?

Jim Martin - American

Hi Rob - just seen the webpage and I was really moved. No one can comprehend the enormity of this tragedy we can only offer our prayers and hope for the future. I have visited New York several times and my heart goes out to all who have lost a loved one. The world mourns but the world
is standing beside you.

Trish - Glasgow, Scotland

That was great. I really got goose bumps!! Great job!! I am proud to be your fellow American!

God bless!


I'd just like to say that I found your movie incredibly inspirational. You've done a wonderful job of capturing the strength, grieving, and united efforts of our fellow Americans.

Thank You,
Blakely E. Mayrosh

Hi Rob,

Your work is outstanding. If your hosting provider is able to accommodate a bit of additional traffic, we'd like very much to be able to link to your site within the next day or so.


I am so moved by this tribute! Is there some way this could be sent to every TV station in the nation to be made into a commercial? How powerful that would be for our nation! Thank you for sharing your great talents with us!


Hi Rob,

I was sent to your website tribute video by my sister.

I am deeply moved by it. It is very well done. The music is so inspiring especially as it goes with the photos which are so stirring. The colors and the movements are vivid and bring the message home just as vividly.

I can appreciate all the work that you put into it and will send it along to others.

I wanted to be sure to let you know that you are doing a great job of reaching out to your fellow family members in this super country of ours. Keep up the good work.

With love and faith and caring for all,
Susan Pearce

God Bless Our World!!

Dear Rob,
We thank you so much for your inspiring presentation. I haven't slept well since the attack. My wife, Diane, after seeing your website is sitting here with tears streaming down. You've really honored those who died, the heroes and have given us all added strength. Beautifully and powerfully done.
Best regards,
Capt. Peter Meskin, USCG
Yorktown Heights, New York


I think I forgot to insert a "we" before "feel". Nonetheless, I have forwarded your e-mail firm wide, across the world, to friends in Congress and at the White House. I have received amazing e-mails of catharsis that your video has been the catalyst of. You really have provided comfort,
strength and spirit to all that have viewed it.


Oh Rob, what an incredibly powerful and heartfelt tribute! Such love and pride surge through me. For my country, without question, but also for you, as my son. I am proud to be an American but more so, I am proud to be your mom. I know your Dad and sisters share that pride. You have done a great work that will provide many Americans and others with much needed strength and hope as our wounded country and broken hearts find a place of healing. God bless you, my Rob. May God bless, guide and protect us all.
Love, Mom

My name is Craig Cunningham. I am a cadet at the United States Military Acadmey. One of my teachers showed our class your website, and I thought it was awesome. I am proud to call myself an American because of people like you. I am sending this around the academy, so don't be surprised if you get some emails from some big brass as well commending you on a job well done.

Cadet Cunningham, '03

Mr. Kamphausen,

I just viewed your presentation on the Internet... I am awe struck. The resolve, the temperament, and the direction portrayed in your presentation is what this country needs. I thank you for giving that to this nation. However, I need a favor. I am the Cadet Wing Director of Support at the Air Force Academy. My Wing Commander, Cadet/Colonel Rob
Hamilton, equally inspired by the presentation, wants to show it to the entire Cadet Wing, 4000 young men and women who will in the near future be called into service for this nation. We want the Wing to see this and rally behind it as we come to grips with why we are here, why we put on our uniforms each day, and why we salute the stars and stripes.

Is there any way that you could send a copy of this presentation to us here at the Air Force Academy. We will gladly pay any fee or help out in any way, just say the word.

If you are able to do this, please contact me. Thanks again, and may God Bless America.

C/LtCol Joseph S. Browning
Wing Director of Support, Fall 2001

That is a great site and inspiration. I will be serving in the Army in less than two years, you've captured everything i've been thinking and hold dear. Thank you.

CDT Andrew Cobos

Thanks a lot for posting the video! It is the most outstanding tribute I have seen so far.

I do have a request -- I am an instructor at the US Air Force Weapons School and would like to get a copy of the video to use for our graduation ceremony later this year. Is there a way to download the movie as a file so I can show it without having to access it on the internet? I can't think of a more fitting tribute to show as a remembrance of what we all went through last week. Thanks for your help!

God bless,
Stan Cole

To whom it may concern,
I am a freshmen at the United States Naval Academy. One of my classmates fowarded me the address to your website, and with the deepest honor and respect I thank you for the inspiration that you have given me to fulfill my duties as a Naval Officer to keep this country safe. I have bookmarked your website and will look at it daily to remind me of my job here, and to remember you, one of the many Americans who are so grateful for what we fight for. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and God bless you!

Very Respectfully,
Midshipmen Jeanine A. Lang

Dear Rob,

I just wanted to say thank you for the incredible video you made, it gave me chills. Just you let you know, it is being sent around the cadet wing here at the United States Air Force Academy. Take care and God bless.

Cadet 2nd Class Jon Oliva
Squadron 14, Killer Cobras
United States Air Force Academy Class of 2003


I just got out of my bosses office, Col Brian Bishop. He is an F-16 pilot and just left the Thunderbirds where he was the Commander and Flight Lead of the Thunderbirds and he thought it was an AMAZING VIDEO as well. We were both wondering if there is ANY way that you could put that on a CD or something and send it to us. We would be willing to pay for whatever and send you the money for it but we would LOVE to have a copy of the video you made. I have seen it about 25 times and it still gives me chills every time I see it. I leave for pilot training in 3 months and will be flying for our Air Force and I can't WAIT! Thank you again. You have touched more people that you will EVER know with this and fighting overseas for people like you and your family back in the states makes everything worth fighting for.

Lt Phillip A. Smith
Assistant to the Commandant of Cadets
United States Air Force Academy, CO

I am retired first shirt I wish that I was younger you have moved me so that I will pass this on to all my friends and fallow retired Army buddies

United States Of America
God Bless All


Wonderful, just wonderful.

I pastor TrinityLife in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

On the side I am a graphic artist and I love what you have done.

I would like to show your flash movie on the screen at our church on Sunday. (if not this Sunday, then maybe next- depending on when I might receive your reply)

Would you please e-mail me just the flash movie, and your permission to show it at the beginning of our service. (I'll probably play it at the beginning of every Sunday morning Worship Service right before Praise and Worship).

As a graphic artist, I understand copyright and permission...

As a man of God, I understand trust...

I would not post it on any other web site or sell it or give it out. I would just want to play it at the front of our sanctuary.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Jeffrey Anderson Sr.
Graphic Artis

Dear Rob,

Thank you for the touching tribute you has created. It brought tears to my eyes.

Heartfelt thanks-
Sue in MA


I cannot say enough about your movie. What a noble display of patriotism. You truly are an American. You hit it right on. United we stand, we shall not fall, God bless the United States.


Cadet Corporal Barnes
Echo Company, Third Regiment
United States Corps of Cadets, USMA

Hey Rob,

You dont know me. My name is Matt Davies and Im from Melbourne, Australia.

After the recent tragic events in the US. I recently check the site, for updates and news. I love NY and hope to travel and live there one day, although I have neve been.

At I came across a link to your site.

Let me tell you... the flash clip you made about the US is utterly FANTASTIC!

That is the best thing I have seen in a while. It was just done so well, you should be proud of yourself. The pictures, music and above all else, the words just sent shivers down my spine. It sounds stupid, but it makes me proud to wish I was American! :)

Well done!

Once again, well done!

That was absoloutely brilliant, it made tears well in my eyes and shivers run down my back!


Matthew J Davies

You know I have watched your little video/slide 4 or 5 times. It always grabs my heart. The pictures of our great flag as well as the thousands and thousands of people. Everything is just great! You did an awsome job. I hope that the American pride and strength that has been shown in these last few weeks, continues on. I also hope that no one ever forgets about this, because it has brought us closer together. You know that saying goes, "Everything happens for a reason". As sad as it is that this tragedy happened at all, maybe it was because some higher power saw that our nation was falling further apart. I do not think that higher power caused this, or did it to punish anyone. But I think it did happen for a reason, I just don't know what that reason really is.

Thank you again for this site. I have passed it to all my friends and family.


My father, a retired firefighter, sent me the link to your site. This movie shows America's heart, her pride, and her hope. I can only hope that a video of this movie will be made available so it can be shown to all. When it is available, let us know, we will undoubtedly support it!

And, how about releasing it to the movie theaters for showing before movies. Can you imagine the impact it would have when entire crowds of people stand and cheer at the end?

Dan Knight

All I can say is very nice.

Joe Harrison
Camden Arkansas

Hi Rob,
Thank you for such an inspirational piece. Unfortunately my computer keeps stopping during it but I did get to hear it through, finally. I sent it to so many people that AOL shut me down for spamming. I didn't think it was spamming if you know the people? Anyway, any chance of making it available to movie houses to play before movies or for TV to play at appropriate times?(since not everyone is online). I don't remember the last time I have seen a station start/end their programming with the National Anthem. Maybe it's time to start again. I think everyone needs to see what you have done.

If a longer version is made available documenting some more of the events that followed I would be interested in purchasing a copy as I am sure others would too. Maybe proceeds could go to the Red Cross. Thanks for putting into music and video the emotion so many of us feel. Pieces like yours are important so that we remember those emotions and don't get complacent but rather to be ever vigilant to protect our freedom. Freedom was not given to us we had to earn it and to keep it we must also earn it. May God bless us all, for we know not what is around each corner.

Thanks again. All the best. -Markanthony Izzo, Connecticut U.S.A. :-)

Hello Rob,
I need to thank you so much for this beautiful and inspirational movie I really can express anything to you that hasn't already been said but THANK YOU.....
Lydia (California)
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