the goal of this site was to touch the hearts, and rise the spirits, of as many people as possible. little did i know, i'd be affected to an even greater extent by your overwhelming response! i set up this feedback area to post your letters, spreading your words of hope and faith even further. hopefully, they'll have as wonderful an affect on you as they did on me. thank you so much for all of your warmth!!

if you have any questions or comments, or would like to add your feedback, please feel free to email me!

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Mr. Rob Kamphausen

You've probably heard from me before; however, on this two year anniversary, I felt that I should write after viewing the slides. Needless to say, your clip video is extremely powerful and deeply moving even after two years. Myself and my fellow brothers and sisters at Engine 3 Ladder 1 truly appreciate that people do take the time to remember and reflect over what occurred. None of us are in this profession for the glory. Far from it. But we rarely get recognition for a job well done with the exception from fellow firefighters.

Words cannot express how much we appreciate the time and care you put into the movie. So, from Engine 3 Ladder 1, we'd at the very least like to say thank you and to never forget the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

Also, those from our department who are off tomorrow, are handing out these flyers. We'd like for you to have one as well. :)

The Creation of the Firefighter

When the Lord was creating firefighters, he was into his sixth day of overtime when an angel appeared and said, "You're doing a lot of fiddling around on this one."

And the Lord said, "Have you read the specification on this person? Firefighters have to be able to go for hours fighting fires or tending to a person that the usual everyday person would never touch, while putting in the back of their minds the circumstances. They have to be able to move at a second's notice and not think twice of what they are about to do, no matter what danger. They have to be in top physical condition at all times, running on half-eaten meals, and they must have six pairs of hands."

The angel shook her head slowly and said, "Six pairs of way."

"It's not the hands that are causing me problems," said the Lord, "it's the three pairs of eyes a firefighter has to have."

"That's on the standard model?" asked the angel.

The Lord nodded. "One pair to see through the fire and where they and their fellow firefighters should fight the fire next. Another pair here in the side of the head to see their fellow firefighters and keep them safe. And another pair of eyes in the front so that they can look for the victims caught in the fire who need their help."

"Lord," said the angel, touching his sleeve, "rest and work on this tomorrow."

"I can't," said the Lord, "I already have a model that can carry a 250-pound man down a flight of stairs to safety from a burning building, and can feed a family of five on a civil service paycheck."

The angel circled the model of the fire fighter very slowly, "Can it think?"

"You bet," said the Lord. "They can tell you the elements of a hundred fires and can recite procedures in their sleep that are needed to care for a person until they reach the hospital. And all the while they have to keep their wits about them. Firefighters also have phenomenal personal control. They can deal with a scene full of pain and hurt, coaxing a child's mother into letting go of the child so that they can care for the child in need. And still they rarely get the recognition for a job well done from anybody, other than from fellow firefighters."

Finally, the angel bent over and ran her finger across the cheek of the firefighter. "There's a leak," she pronounced. "Lord, it's a tear. What's the tear for?"

"It's a tear from bottled-up emotions for fallen comrades. A tear for commitment to that funny piece of cloth called the American flag. It's a tear for all the pain and suffering they have encountered. And it's a tear for their commitment to caring for and saving lives of their fellow man!"

"What a wonderful feature. Lord, you're a genius," said the angel.

The Lord looked somber and said, "I didn't put it there..."


Firefighters put their lives on the line every day they go to work. 343 died on September 11, 2001 risking their lives so that others could live. Let us never forget them and their brave acts of heroism that ultimately cost them their lives. We will remember.

It is attached as well. It doesn't even rival yours, but we felt that something had to be done to remind our community.

Thanks again from all of us at E3L1 Orlando.

Firefighter/EMT Elisabeth Whitford

P.S. You're always on our minds Joseph Pfeifer.
Your brother Kevin is in our hearts.
The both of you are in our prayers.

Hello Rob--

My name is Jim and I am a middle school social studies teacher. I came across your Flash presentation of the 9/11 tragedy shortly after it happened and was able to save it to show to my students, but it has since become lost. I have been to the website and can get it to play, but I wondered if you might be able to email me the file so I can use it offline. Thank you very much.
I just wanted to let you know that i thought your tribute to 9-11 on was very nice.
Thank you for that.
That was a phenomenal segment. You should send that to a network. Thank you.

Best Wishes,

David T. Ackerman
No Fault Consulting
50 Chelsea Court
Suite 23
Bohemia NY, 11716

Dear Rob I have been very busy saying thank you to everyone that created movies and websites pertaining to the awfull attacks of Sept 11 2001.  I just got though viewing the movie that you had done so very well ! !

I still am having difficulty recovering from the "Pardon my French" Assholes that killed my Dad James D. Cleere VP of Marsh McClennan 98th Fl. North Tower as well as many others on 9-11.

It is good to know any many people such as yourself took great care and dedication in creating websites and movies such as this one. I am pleased to just know that so many people responded in the way that America had !

I again say Thanks and a Huge Pat on the Back for doing this in Great Honor for my Dad and my family and extended Sept. 11 families. GREAT JOB

A. Scott Cleere
Son of James D. Cleere
Victim of 9-11-01
St. Petersburg Florida

From: Margot ( )

I come back to your site now and again, It is so moving. I read the turns, a little here , a little there. I am up to page 34.
I have left poems on your site...Ist time around. I wish I knew the
answers so I could share them. The reasons behind the need for such
destruction. I have looked at the faces of all the "enemies" of our
lives...all so different...yet all so very much the same....faces like
yours, like mine, like the guy next door and the man sitting in the taxi
on 42nd st. The physical differences  I see are reflections of
evolutionary need, climatic interventions on gene pools, natural
selection of characteristics that worked for their time and place, all
mixing now due to circumstance and opportunity...the differences
blurring...creating new images, new possibilities. But the
minds....these.....are where our true differences lie. The thoughts, the
beliefs, the ability to reason,....or just to comprehend...tempered by
perspective. Is it posssible to touch the...minds ...of all beings with
the wisdom of one thought that can so resonate the one great truth of
the universe that all would gladly give up their need to superiority
over others and separatist acts and belief systems to embrace that we
ALL need and want the same basic things and that these things are what
should bring us together.  The one great truth of the Universe....none
of us can LIVE without Life.To negate the Life need of ANYONE is "giving
permission" to ANYONE to negate YOUR LIFE need, giving permission to
someone else to destroy our  life because "we" hold life... so cheaply.

Our enemies, what a word to use, enemies...our fellow beings on this
planet....have all come to different conclusions about life based upon
what they were brought up to believe. Those beliefs built by their life
circumstances and opportunities. Those who destroyed the twin towers did
not understand their error and their misunderstanding of their God,
their beliefs. Whatever God anyone believes in...there is one truth
least of all mere mortals. To even PRESUME that God needs your help to
do his work is ludicrous. What was done was the choice of men, with
their own agendas, in effect using Allah as their scapegoat to do
whatever "suited" them. If God had wanted the Twin towers to
fall....they would have fallen long before SEPT 11, and by natural
means. I am not a religious person, but I am a very spiritual one and I
do believe that all those men have found out by now how very wrong they
were....there is NO paradise for those Ireverent  of Life....too late
the lesson learned for all those lives, including theirs. Had they known
....they would not have chosen such a course. Had they truly "believed
"in their God...they would have left that work to him. To relegate a
need for such beliefs in effect propose that Allah has "No power"
but by the hand of a mere mortal......well it is the highest dishonor to
ones God that I can imagine...and such a God is not worth believing in.
This is the province of mythology. This does not negate the need to make
change where change is needed but it does  deny the taking of life to
achieve those means. If I believe in God I have to believe that God's
understanding of all things is greater than mine and that there IS a
plan...even if I do not GET IT.

I believe in one creator of all beings and all things, name him what you
like. I believe his purpose is not one of acquisition, power struggles,
or cruelty. I believe he allows us all to know ourselves thru our deeds
and our misdeeds. Those who are closest to him and to his purpose
believe in Universal brotherhood and  a furtherance to the understanding
of the greater good for ALL mankind. We are all the same. We all need
the same things.The most basic of these things....LIFE. This a precious
gift....but not so precious a gift as the "knowledge" that Life IS
"precious" for ALL beings....and a "will" to protect the Life of
EVERYONE....even those who do not understand and make provisions to
destroy it. There is no need to convince God.....he makes SURE we all
continue to CREATE LIFE.....It is the one GREAT MIRACLE ....and if you
will....proof of the existance of something greater than ourselves. I
pray for the sake of ALL mankind that... for the sake of all our
children... if not for ourselves...that we will ALL come to the
conclusion one day that even the loss of ONE life is too much of a loss
for any of us to bear. When those who see themselves as separate and
different from us can see They are as important to us as we are to
ourselves...then can Man begin to LIVE together in Peace. Please us ALL....Margot

Dear Rob,

A friend of mine sent me the link to your website showing the America video from 911 forward.  It is really inspiring and I'd like to download it to show my kids and at a homecoming party for my husband....whenever he returns from Afghanistan. 

Thanks so much for your help.

Ashes of Grief, Raindrops of Joy

Shooting water hoses 
With my eight year old 
One of the few warm days 
Left in September 2001 

He thinks I don't know 
He is around the corner 
Ready to attack.
I'm ready for him. 

Smiling, my hose drawn 
As he approaches, 
I drench him full force;
He squeals with joy 
And runs to get away
Giggling, out of breath.
He retreats around to the
Other side of the house. 

There is a chill in the air. 

The day before 
The sky was blue in New York. 

Parents kissed their kids 
Hugged their wives 
And sped to their lives. 

Taliban plot.
Death to White Satan
And it's idols of
Wealth and Power.

Plot turns to action 
Jets Roar Into buildings, 
Explode into Fireballs,
One after another. 
A holocaust of metal and steel. Bodies cremated alive 
Steel turned and twisted--
Crash to the street. 

Ashes and smoke 
Cover everything in sight.
Firemen lie still, silent
Their pagers scream out.

I cry as I wait
For my son's next attack. 
I love him so much. 

I play with the hose and
Wave it back and forth--
Up and Down. 
Watch little Droplets 
Glisten in the sun 
Sparkling as they fall down 
From my beautiful blue sky. 

On TV a Raggedy Ann doll 
Lays on the Rubble 
Children whose parents 
Won't be there to
Spray water on them
Or tuck them in at night.

Oh God, Father of the Fatherless,
You watched Your Son
Bleeding on the Cross
And Darkness fell on Earth.

You understand Our Pain.
Please bring the light
Of your love 
To this country.

We don't know how 
To go on
When sadness and fear
Block us from belief.
Renew our faith.
Restore our hope.
Restore our land.
As only You can.


 © Cindy J. Slate

Thank you so much.  I cried with tears falling onto the floor.

I love my country.  It is the greatest country on the face of this earth.  I beleive it was ordained by God for some reason.I beleive he blessed with his own hands.

There is an old saying United We Stand Divided We Fall.  Considering the mood of the country today and what it was on September 11 2001 I'm concerned that we just might fall.

I worry that Americans do forget too soon.  Well, I haven't


God Bless you, once again thank you for this beautiful movie.



I first saw your Flash presentation when it first was circulated. I
admire the presentation because of its incredible poignancy and its
inspirational sequences. I searched for it today, more than two years
later, and found it. I must say that it moved me emotionally today
perhaps even more than when I first saw it. I am proud to have served in
the Marines and my only regret is that I was too old to reenter service
as the events of that fateful day unfolded.

Thank you for a great job...Semper Fidelis.

"Pain is weakness leaving the body..."

Joe Ashton

I am British and today more proud than ever that our countries are so close. The courage and bravery of your great country on this tragic day illustrates that the forces of evil who committed this atrocity will never break us and never win.

Today, the words of Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill stay true "You do your worst, and we will do our best"

God Bless the USA

James, England

I saw this on the slingo site . . . and it was very moving. Very well done . . . Thank you!!!

We won't forget . . . and we will survive and be strong!!

Thanks again!!


How beautiful. Thank you for keeping God in your memorial. Thank you
for blessing all that receive your memorial.
Sincerely Peggy Konold

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