the goal of this site was to touch the hearts, and rise the spirits, of as many people as possible. little did i know, i'd be affected to an even greater extent by your overwhelming response! i set up this feedback area to post your letters, spreading your words of hope and faith even further. hopefully, they'll have as wonderful an affect on you as they did on me. thank you so much for all of your warmth!!

if you have any questions or comments, or would like to add your feedback, please feel free to email me!

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This was truly motivational as well as inspirational. I only wish that I felt that our country was feeling as united on this night when we are poised to cross over into Iraq. I for one am very much behind my president and soldiers. I just want to feel that my country is united against this fight for what is right, to stop the name calling and blaming and forge ahead against the war on terror. May God Bless America
I saw your film on the website, and I really liked the song. Could you please tell me what the song is called. Thank You

Megan Kelly

I do not know the story of your life, I do not know where you come from, or
even who you are, but I thank you. I thank you for being willing enough to
step out there, support your country, and urge others to do the same. I
understand that this email will be just one in a growing list of proud
Americans, but, in hopes that you will somehow read this, I right this to you

I go to a large state university in Virginia that has a Corps of Cadets within
the civilian student body. There are only five other schools in the nation
like mine, so to say the least, cadets are pretty rare. I was proudly a part
of that organization until recently, when unfortunately, several issues came
up, and I could no longer be a part of the military. However, I am still close
to my friends who live within the hallowed walls of the Virginia Tech Corps of
Cadets, and soon I will have the chance to see them walk across a stage on
their way to be commissioned as officers in the Navy, Marine Corps, Army or
Air Force.

But many of the students and members of the faculty who go to this school are
extremely liberal, with very verbal anti-war sentiments. Voicing their
opinions during class, at protests, and in the student run newspaper has
become the norm. I am tired of explaining why I feel the nation is correct in
going to go to war, and I am tired of defending my family, friends and other
loved ones. I am so tired of being called names and spit upon, and I am still
angry at how people are treating the very cadets who will soon become
officers, and the ones who will be fighting for their very freedom, and the
rights for which America stands.

I don't think that all these protestors understand what this war is about. It
is not about killing innocent civilians, being the biggest and baddest
country, and most certainly, it is not about oil. Many around here cannot
even fathom what war is about. I find it hard to believe that so many can
denounce our government, military, and most of all, our NATION...

We, as Americans, were born into the most powerful and greatest nation on this
earth. For those who were born in other countries, and sacrificed so much to
become American citizens, they recognize the opportunities they were given,
simply because they touched American soil. I wish that people could go live in
other countries, and see how few rights they would have. I wish that the
people who call President Bush names, could go to other countries, and see
what happens when they call the person in charge names. Having lived overseas
as a Navy Brat, I have seen what it is like to have no rights, and I would not
wish that upon anyone.

Seeing your website has renewed my faith in the American public. At last I
can see that I am not the only one out there cheering for our President,
supporting our troops, holding out on the home front and praying for an end to
the fighting.

God bless you for believing in America, and god bless you for asking others to
do the same. Thank you so much....this means more to me than you will ever

Very Respectfully,

Kathryn D. Rudd
Virginia Polytechnic and State University
Blacksburg, Va.





Hi and thank you for a beautifull piece of work. Arnt we luckey to be Americans?

I am a 55 year old male sitting here with tears streaming down my face after viewing this wonderful tribute to our Country. Thank you and may God Bless you and Bless America

Richard Ailstock
Mechanicsville, Virginia

Thank you for so moving the great nation. How can this be put on our
soldier's websites or be put on the the major branches of the military's
site. Every American needs to see this. I forwarded it to everyone I knew.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! God bless
Susan Sprouse
Virginia Beach, Va

Very moving, great video and great audio, Couldn't come at a better time, Thank you for a terrific job.

Thank you for this. It is absolutely beautiful and so true. Keep up the great work!!! We need more things like this.

Rebecca Boyd

Your Friends at C.A. Tooling Inc. stand behind our country and our President


C. A. Tooling Inc.

Thanks man, this is awesome what you have done. Great production, really moving!! God bless.



Thank-you so much for giving us a feeling of hope and inspiration. I went from a feeling of sadness and helplessness to strong and prideful within a matter of seconds thanks to your movie!

Sheila Morris
Thank you for sharing your "movie".
We will never forget.


That is a beautiful site. I wish some of the people that hate the US could see it. We are proud of our country and we will stand tall and together. They will never get us or make us weak. thank you. I am forwarding this to all the people I know. God bless you.

theresa Gunn

Thank-you soooo very much!! I can't tell you how much this touched my heart with pride. I have received many, many patriotic messages...letters, pictures, cartoons to pass on to others. But this brought a tear to my eye and pride in my heart. Thank-you again. I would be proud to send this along. GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!



That was moving - I am sitting at my desk with tears in my eyes and pride in my heart. Thank you for this reminder of why I love my country. God Bless the USA! We are so lucky to be here.


Rachel D. Lind

No matter what side you are on in the war debate-Thank God and the USA that you can debate! United We Stand. And always- One Nation---UNDER GOD---indivisible, with LIBERTY and JUSTICE FOR ALL!!!

Mary Withorn

Dear Rob:

I would like to thank you for the wonderful movie you have posted online. A friend sent me a link to it and it was well worth the wait for it to load.

My heart breaks for all the lost lives and loved ones. Yet today as I write this it beams with pride as brave men and women from all over the world are willing to fight for what is right. For Justice and Freedom. What breaks my heart the most are the people who have forgotten what this is all about.

I too agree that this movie should be a comercial on television. Just as it is and all would be said and millions of people can feel what I felt today.

May God be with each and every one of you and May he guide all our troops safely home.

Thank You
Indiana, USA

Very moving, very touching. In the midst of our deepest and troublesome conflicts, we, as Americans can still be united. May our minds, hearts, faith and goals be one. As Americans we will prevail. -SR

I am former Marine of WWII and I enjoyed the presentation.It tells the
truth. I have only one thought for those protesting. True they have the
right to do so...only because those who served before protected their right
to protest. Therefore I ask one question of them " Screaming,lying down on
roads and etc, are evidently good ways to get media attention....It all
seems to be well planned....but where is their plan to solve the situation?
They seem to have it all but that.

Walt Kozier

That was perfect.....bravo. Too many people have forgotten that what is
going on today is tied to September 11th. We need to remember, stand
strong, and unite whether you believe in war or not! We cannot afford
another September 11th to settle our differences. Good luck in life, and
please know that this plain jane from the midwest WILL NEVER FORGET!

Brandy Stockton
John Deere Health Care
Claims Examiner

Thanks....we needed this! We appreciate the effort to put this together...
Susan & Leon

Your production was very touching and very appreciated, thank you.
Louise from Utah.

Good Job !!!!!!!

I am a cadet in Air Force ROTC who one day hopes to achieve the position of Air Force Chief of Staff. I have never had anything give me the kind of goosebumps that your presentation did. I LOVED IT! God Bless You and America. I hope that you are able to reach all those Americans who take our country for granted. Good Luck to you.

Cadet Beth Autry

Your video brought back many sad memories but also rememberance of the good feeling in seeing the people of American unite afterwards. I'm also sad to say, I don't think it lasted very long.

There is a war going on today with a dictator just as dangerous as the one who attacked us and I don't see the interest, much less support that you would think would be there after such a horrible thing. We have young men and women facing the Republican Guard in battle today and I'm finding it hard to talk to anyone who's paying attention, who even knows what is happening.

I couldn't sleep a week before the war started, am fearful of what is going to happen and who is going to get killed, maimed, or gassed and I can find no body to talk to about it. If I mention the Academy Awards, I can have a great conversation but I can't mention the war.

I don't get it. And this makes me as sad as 9/11.

Peggy Micsky OUSDC

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