the goal of this site was to touch the hearts, and rise the spirits, of as many people as possible. little did i know, i'd be affected to an even greater extent by your overwhelming response! i set up this feedback area to post your letters, spreading your words of hope and faith even further. hopefully, they'll have as wonderful an affect on you as they did on me. thank you so much for all of your warmth!!

if you have any questions or comments, or would like to add your feedback, please feel free to email me!

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We Will never Forget

As a widow of 9.11 the mother of nine and broken hearted . . thank you


I am an AF Reservist that is going home after a year of service to our
country. Once I'm home I will be asked to give a talk and I would like your
permission to use this video clip before my talk. If you agree, could you
please send me the clip as an attachment. I will provide you all credit for
the clip to those in attendance.

I hope to here from you soon.

Enjoy your freedoms!

Patrick G. Wolcott, SMSgt, USAF
75th Security Forces IMA Operations Superintendent
6010 Gum Lane

Loved your tribute! I work at Children's Hospital of Orange County and we would like to use your tribute as part of our September 11th Memorial Service. Is there any possibility of you e-mailing it to us in a format that we would have access to????? It is just so moving that I feel that it would add more meaning to our service. So many of the other presentation/photos focus on the tragedy of Sept 11, whereas yours give inspiration.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Beckie Valdez
Department Assistant

Your presentation was beautifully done. Please keep up the great work. God Bless America.

Carol & Don Smith

you have done a great job with your site, someone gave me the link last year around December and since then I have to come back and visit your great work month after month. thanks for sharing with us and putting those flash back the way you did. I personally felt the pain seen with my two eyes the towers going down. I was just across in Brooklyn studying when everything happened. I felt the ashes on my face, clothes and hair. it was a day I will never forget...

god bless America and god bless you for touching so many people with your words and pictures.

I'm really happy for the success you are still having with your site.
thanks a million time.

Jherdy Rodriguez

awesome job

I'm Marvin Cohen. I host a public access TV show about fighting crime in Greensboro, NC. Welcome to Piedmont Crime Control is our web-site. I would love to insert this on one of our programs. We are a commercial free, non-profit corporation. We are also recognized by the IRS as a 501-C-3 non-profit. And, all of us are voluteers. If you do give permission, I hope maybe you can send it on a CD.

Sincerely yours,

Marvin Cohen
Piedmont Crime Control

Thank you! God bless us all!
I just wanted to say how moving and beautiful this is.

Thank you so much,


What a beautiful tribute. Thanks for allowing your fellow Americans to

Thank You,

Crystal Smith

Executive Assistant
G-TECH Professional Staffing, Inc.

one word - OUTSTANDING - :)

janet cormier


Your site is beautiful. I plan on sending out the link to hundreds
of co-workers tomorrow. Please let me know if you have an updated
site that you would like to be viewed.

Thank you,
Shatril Harris

This is by far the best site I have seen. Thank you for sharing.
Your images are haunting and inspirational.

Excellent job of blessing us with the powerful reminder. Your tribute is outstanding. Thanks. Could I request using this at our church prayer meeting tomorrow night?

I know it is short notice. But your slideshow speaks volumes and would correctly stir our hearts to pray, labor in tears, and unite. Please send me a copy of the slideshow with all necessary instructions and restrictions.

We have a 7:00 PM service Wednesday evening. This would fit well with our program.

Again, thank you for all the hard work that went into this. It is a blessing. One that I would like to share with our congregation of 300. Really, here is a heartfelt thank you for your labor of love.

In His Care,

I am glad to know that so many people out there are still thinking about
the great tragedy that struck us 1 day short of a year ago. It saddens me
to see the constant emails and letters and tributes, just as a reminder of
all of the pain that was felt that day. But to know that we are moving
ahead with a better and stronger sense of patriotism and love for our
country as one makes it a greater day than yesterday.

And tomorrow, September 11, 2002, We will all stand together and remember!

Thanks for all of your hard work in putting your "movie" together and I am
glad I got the chance to see it!

Have a great day everyone!


Dear friends and family,

Everyone has their own way of dealing with the anniversary of September 11th, and mine has been to work it out with words and images in as positive a manner as possible. To that end, I've put links to three pages of special 9-11 memorials, with some of my poetry, a collection of images, and thoughts about that day and this September 11th.

So if you're so inclined, I invite you to peruse these special pages. I figured it was about time I climbed out of the Patriot's Closet and waved a flag or three. I promise that any swooping eagles have strict instructions to avoid heads in the cyber audience.

The links are at the top of my usual main page:

I know some of you haven't heard from me in a bit, and I apologize for that, but spend a little time in my pages, and you'll be able to catch up. Do let me know what you're up to these days too. I'm always happy to hear from you!

-Annina Lorna Anton

From you Canadian cousins--God Bless America!

Elizabeth Coote

hey Rob,

I was just wondering if you could send me the video so that i could play it at my school assembly tomorrow. Your video is the best that we found. Is there any way the you could e-mail it to me. The computer that i am going to use does not have internet access. I would give you full credit for the video, and I only plan to motivate people.


Joe Garcia

Thanks for putting this together. I'm inspired each time I see it.
I'm sharing it with everyone I'm sure it's made it's way across the world.


I don't think I have seen anything so powerful, so moving and so touching in regards to the 9-11 attacks. Thank you so very much for taking the time to create such a beautiful tribute to the thousands of men and women who lost their lives.
May God bless you!
Katherine English
tears in my eyes------- great movie, fantastic music, and very important i think--- no pictures that only shows the aircrafts crashing down. just one hour and ten minutes to 9/11 from germany, so United we stand-
good luck all. We wont forget! ( sry for my english, germany here)
chilling..a thoughtful reminder that we did survive, that we are strong, and that we will continue to survive.

Thank You for this!

just wanted to drop u a like and say what a great site u did for sept 11 i personaly thought it looks wonderful

Lady Grey
by Margot Malone

Look to me for comfort....
For I was there... with you....
When all eyes turned to watch as Towers fell.
A Lady....grey,in mourning-
Lamp ablaze with that days dawning...
I welcomed all,I heard the tolling bell.
I saw Twin pillars burning,
clouds of ash, a gristmill churning.
Hapless faces,I thousands died.
I looked on... disbelieving...
At America...stunned...grieving,
til'with a thundrous gasp our Nation cried
"We'll not be laid asunder...
By Bin Laden's Blunder....
You've tempered our resolve with savagery".
And the Towers? They're still standing,
And "those thousands" spirits SHINE....
Reflections in the eyes of "LIBERTY".

Margot Nancy Malone

Margot Malone
©2002 Copyright

9/11- Before The Door

By Margot Nancy Malone c 2002

No one can hide Universal Truths from ANY Soul that Seeks,
But Humanitarians... most eloquently speaks...
Of lofty aspirations steeped in honors noblest deeds,
And NEVER once will Truth betray Mankind's Common needs.

Nor can the best in humanities goals be denied expression,
Nor restrained from efforts to evolve beyond ignorant oppression.
Fine spirits sanction nothing less than uplifting, and reviving...
All Mankind a level of life worth dying for...and striving.

Repression is a tantalizing chimera.. of mastery, control-
Enforced to suppress anthro-centric Ideals, to disclaim a Unified world.
Compassionate, altruist constructs...two-dimentional minds can't allow...
so they build massive doors with obdurate hate, tightly locked for now.

We must Test these locks with aspiration, with our hopes, and all our dreams,
Infuse brilliant Light into Darkness, to avert Machiavelian schemes.
Engage this Enterprise, heart and soul, with Quixotic determination
steeled to forge a new Universe of tolerant co-operation.

And though colleagues fall before the metal...of a searing Millenium's dread
By Unholy acts strung like beads on a rosary, blood red,
The mechanisms wroughtto deny us... by The Keepers of the Keys
Will rust and fuse against them... through Their "inhumanities".

Though bolted strong Time will prevail and every lock give way...
When held by structures rotting with iniquitous decay.
Regardless of the lock itself, though tempered steel, stone cold....
Embedded in "foul" Masonry, the strongest lock won't hold.

We sieze our opportunities, as we tend grave, Sacred Chores
Of beating at the rusty locks upon All ill-wrought doors.
Testing, ever testing, until we finally see
An inherent weakness that reveals ...vulnerability.

WE will NOT overrun, brought to our knees planned
By a named, or nameless, foe....forcing US to take a stand,
who'd undermine our way of Life, our monuments, our pride,
Our Institutions depricate, our noblest goals deride.

And to What purpose all of this neccessity to damn?
We ALL belong to the Universe, and the Brotherhood...of MAN!!
Our "inherent similarities" call out to us.... "Unite!"
Separatists and War-mongers ...won't prosper if they fight.

And who would harbor an insidious foe, a foe intent to Kill?
Who justifies the name of God's own will?
And Who... would give assistance to a foe who'd harshly smite
What they cannot understand of Liberty and Right?

Truth will NOT be prison bound beyond a bolted door,
You cannot Alter what it is ...Truth is Truth forevermore!
Nor access to Truth's wisdom can you bar for very long...
IT is only Time we must outwait ...until barred DOORs... are GONE.

And though endless fells of mortal flesh lay mute,... unjustly slain....
Fragile Witness to terrorist hate, an unthinkable crime's gross aim...
Beneath the devastation,... beneath rubble and cement
The "thunderous silence" in the aftermath ...Screams... their testament!

These "honored Dead"...these "Innocents" ...Thought Silenced by their slaying,
These walls...thought vanquished by their We looked on praying.
Both thought Erased from Time and Life...with heartless, cruel deeds.
But NO! YOU cannot erase THIS...!!!!. Their Final CRIES WE Heed!!

The image ...Towers falling, ...aflame and torn asunder.
This resting place of "thousands" ... now A Shrine... (Bin Laden's Blunder)!
This twisted pile of refuse ...tells a Very "different story"...
A Flag amidst the" ruins.... "Long may she wave!" Our "Glory".

It is to This ...Our Sacred Proof....we gird our new intent...
To this Infernally merciless THRUST......against the Innocent.
This our mandate and Demand..Reprisal...Reconning
Against an ancient gangrenous hate and incriminate cunning.

A stealthy, hiding coward... has stabbed us in the back,
And forced resolve upon Demands... that WE Must Act!!!!
We must challenge opposition to this quest...enlist their aid,
hesitation extracts a harsher toll in this Infidels Crusade.

WE Must claim our lives,our Rights... from this "Crucibles"grey ash,
We must Call upon resources to enable us this task.
Think NOT that we are beaten back. Think NOT we are restrained.
WE stand, a World as Witnesss,...Defiant, now..Unchained.

We Refuse to succomb to terrors pains, to threats, and tortured death
We Cling with Bold tenacity to what's left of Life and Breathe...
With the rage and indignation of the Gods...WE'll END THIS fight...
As sifting though our losses we'll find value from this plight.

We honor humane treatment, seek solutions, abhor strife.
We ask you to question our point of view, NOT our VALUEs on Life.
We seek Freedoms dignity,... and Equality ....for All,
We Reverence ...Universal Peace. Why silence such a call????????

What we "commonly" can't live without...even our enemies know!
Life, Liberty, Pursuit of our Joys, Childhood's! No! NO!!
This long to Evolve...YOU WILL NOT DESTROY!!!!!!
No matter "what" you devastate, nor what you may deploy.

WE are,.. have been, ..will ever be...a Nation. No...a Corps,
loyal to "basic, humane ideals" that wisdom ...can't ignore.
We are Also a "living entity"...of Unity...and Purpose,
An ever ready juggernaut against attempts to hurt us.

WE ARE the Living, have been the Dying, the Grieving, and the Numb...
Empowered by our Sacred Dead and our Progeny to come.
We stand with this conviction, as a Nation...All for One,
"Ground/Zero Tolerance" for Terrorism ...until the job is Done.

Genocidic acts are not Godly! Despicable deeds...futile wins.
Our old country boy's say it best... "Y'ALL STOP...'fore War begins!!
So Listen hard,and listen well,... THIS IS OUR SACRED CHORE...
To Beat, yes, Endlessly, EVER BEAT, upon the Ill-wrought Door.

Margot Malone Copyright@2002

The Aftermath – September 11, 2001

Love endures and Hate churns.

Children scream while Fires burn.

Freedom is lost and Justice Aches

Over 3000 Perish while a Nation shakes.

Survivors weep and the president Despairs

But families unite while War is declared.

A giant awakes and Courage is found.

Troops mobilize while Bombs hit the ground.

The world watches and the enemy Hides

Peace is lost while Strength provides.

Tyrants are evicted and Warlords disjointed.

A nation starts over while a King is anointed.

Soldiers fight Bravely and Victories are Won.

Battles complete but the War is not done.

Evil is the Enemy and Hate is his Knife

Victory is Futile after a Family losses a Life.

Wives without Husbands and Fathers without Sons.

Daughters without Mothers, in the name of God this was Done?

Only Love will prevail while Evil is stripped of his Hate.

Only Understanding will let our Pain Terminate.

We must not become that which we Despise

But we must not forget those who Lost Loved Lives

If we fail to execute our war against Terror.

Then we fail to protect our Freedom to Love Altogether

Brave men and women who wear a patch on their arm…

Love just as much as those who were harmed.

That is why we must continue to go wherever Evil hides…

For the sake of the Children who have Not Yet Lost Their Lives.

The Enemy is Evil and he knows not what is Right

A Nation seeks Justice but Sleeps without it this Night.

The Enemy is Evil and he Cares not for your Life.

That is why we must Find him … and Stab him… with his very own Knife.

Mourn our Loved... Mourn our Cherished... but take Evil to Task.

So “Lets Roll” to Baghdad and Kick his Evil ASS…

Find Sadaam.. Find Bin Laden.. Rob Evil of Life.

Find Justice.. Find Vengeance... Then Banish Evil’s Knife.

In memory - Richard Bradford

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