the goal of this site was to touch the hearts, and rise the spirits, of as many people as possible. little did i know, i'd be affected to an even greater extent by your overwhelming response! i set up this feedback area to post your letters, spreading your words of hope and faith even further. hopefully, they'll have as wonderful an affect on you as they did on me. thank you so much for all of your warmth!!

if you have any questions or comments, or would like to add your feedback, please feel free to email me!

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Dear Rob,

Although it's been 8 months since 9/11 someone just e-mailed your sight to me. As a New Yorker it is hard to imagine that this could happen. Our skyline will forever be scared. I would like to thank you for the beautiful tribute to this city and our country.

Thanks again
Marie, Long Island

'Of all the different things (pertaining to 9/11) I've seen come across my computer.....this one is my done good!! I try to watch it at least once a week or whenever I'm feeling down for whatever reason....I watch this and I'm so humble and Thank God for a beautiful nation of beautiful Americans....from all over the world. I am an DoD
employee...civil servent for the Air Force for almost 34 years.
May God bless you in all you do.
Norma Jean

After going thru the Murrah Bldg. bombing here in Oklahoma, this horrid act at NYC and the pentagon made another horrid memory of what sick and demented people on this earth can do to our friends, loved ones, etc. I thought the OKC ordeal was the worst thing that could happen to us. How easy it was to beat that by crashing planes into the twin towers and into the pentagon murdering so many innocent people. We will not fall any more than Oklahoma City and our friends over the USA and all of the world have over these events!!! We are strong, much stronger than the demented enemies sent to us by leaders with sick ideas and deeds!! In prayer we all stand together stronger than ever. We will NEVER forget the heros of Oklahoma City and of New York City and Washington DC and what they did to save others.....some losing lives, some losing families, some losing their sanity over this vile act. It's something we should always be aware of, yet not fear as our God is with us.
Thanks for the wonderful site you've created!
Don & Barbara Martin
D-Bar-M Quarter & Paint Horses
Chandler, Oklahoma


That day is as vivid in my mind today, as it was on Sept 11th. You have put together a montage of some wonderful pictures that sent chills through me, yet helped me recall and heal. Thank you and praise God for you talents!
Mark Rosenthal
Omaha, NE

I Cried.


I found a link to your tribute from New and it was absolutely breathtaking. I have seen probably 100 or more tributes on the internet but yours has touched me more than any other. Brilliant work. Thank you.
Leah from N.C. USA
God bless America

Congrats on a very nice piece. I was not born in our country, but I will defend it anyway I can.
Thank you,
Carlos Lima

Mr. Kamphausen:

After viewing your movie, just minutes ago, I shared your website with my coworkers and supervisor. We stood in awe. You captured in this video what America is all about. And for that, we thank you.

Through Forward Service Corporation, a non-profit organization, I work as an Upward Bound Instructor. This federally funded TRIO program is designed to assist high school students from low income and first generation families with developing the necessary skills to graduate high school and then succeed in post-secondary education. Part of Upward Bound consists of a summer component where freshman, sophomores, and even a few juniors, attend a comprehensive, pre-college program with a thematic focus. This summer's theme is "Heroism."

For the past several months, my coworkers and I have been working feverishly in preparation for this summer's curriculum. We have lined up various speakers such as Tony Rajer, an artist who was setting up a folk art display in New York during the collapse of the Trade Towers. He readily abandoned his art to assist in the rescue effort. His fluency in a number of languages proved vital.

Heroism, can be measured on all levels. We feel it's important to recognize the heroic acts of others and, also, to recognize that the potential to be a hero lies in all of us. The strength of a nation, lies in the strength of each of its citizens. Perseverance, determination, and heart: this is what we hope to inspire in our students this summer.

Your video would be a welcomed asset to our summer curriculum. With the goals of our program in mind and the impact this would have on our students, I humbly ask your permission to make use of your work. Could I possibly save your video as a PowerPoint presentation (or another medium) to share with our students? If so, could you offer some assistance in making a copy?

In closing, you are truly an inspiration. Thank you ever so much for your touching contribution.


Julie R. Emmerich
Upward Bound Instructor

my son wrote this free verse poem for school and for boy scouts he is very proud of it and so am I he is 12 years old he would very honored if this could be added to the tribute he has submitted it to radio stations he gets very angry because there are not as many flags flying now as there were before this is why he wrote it


It has fallen upon us
When the towers fell in a burning flame
I felt alone I'm sure you did too
And sorry for those who died
And sorry for those who lost
For those of you who think it's over
And for those of you that have forgot
It's not over and we're going to move on
And going to win


May I begin by saying that I am deeply moved by the video that you have put together. My name is SrA Benjamin Huss, and I am serving in the United States Air Force. I am currently deployed to an undisclosed location and have been since March. I was always wondering if people back in the States were still concerned with the men and women serving. My mother then sent me your movie and all of the doubt that I once had is gone. It is people like you, that make me proud of what I do. As I stand guard for America, let me make you and all Americans a promise, a promise that I will do my very best to protect America, the land I call home. I will not let you down. Please don't forget America's Sons, Daughters, Fathers, Mothers, Wives, Husbands, Brothers, and Sisters that are in another part of the world defending what we all hold so dear. FREEDOM! May Freedom ring loud enough so the entire world may hear our call. UNITED WE STAND, NEVER SHALL WE FALL! God bless you and all my fellow Americans. To my brothers in arms, Stay safe, come home, and may God Bless you all.

Thank You,

SrA Huss, Ben R.

Greetings - My division and I have been given the honor of putting together the City's September 11 Remembrance ceremony. I found your movie on the web and loved it. Would you please send me some information about ordering the CD?

Angela Dolbear
Human Services Division

"The Community Services Department is dedicated to enriching our community
by providing a variety of traditional and innovative recreational
activities, caring counseling services and quality parks and facilities."

My name is Tim Miller and I am a deacon at the Christian Church in Mountain View, MO. We are having a fourth of July celebration tomorrow night. We would love to be able to play your tribute for our congregation, is there any way I can download a copy of it.
Thank you,
Tim Miller
My name is Eric Horner and I work with Country Music Artist - Lee Greenwood as guitarist & vocalist. From my travels and USO tours with Lee, I've experienced first hand the power of a song. (God Bless the USA) I've seen how a song can unite a Nation and instill pride in all Americans. The events of 9/11 have hit especially hard in my home. My wife lost her first husband and the Father of her child in the 1983 terrorist bombing in Beirut, Lebanon. She's relived a lot of bad memories the past 10 months. My song "We Will Stand" is a reminder of what we have in America and that we are stronger than any horrific deed our enemies can do to us. God Bless The USA. "We Will Stand" and other patriotic music can be heard at
Blue Chameleon Music Group
Safari Springs Records

I really enjoyed your website. Below is a link to my tribute to September 11th.

Ashes of Grief, Raindrops of Joy
My tribute to September 11, 2001

Thank you for making such a wonderuful tribute. I have many friends and family in the military as well as in public service and I worry about them all constantly.

Your movie gave me chills, made me smile, and caused some tears, but I appreciate them all. May I also add that the music was the perfect addition.

Thank you again,
Gretchen N.
I rec'd your page from a cousin of mine. I just wanted to commend you on this. Even 6 moths later I find myself in tears in remembrance of that day!! Excellent work!! May God bless you and yours!

I am the Retention Manager in an Ohio Air Guard unit. I was looking at other unit's Family Readiness sites this morning. On the WV site they had some awesome work that apparently you put together. Thanks so much!


Retention Office Manager

This is THE BEST tribute I have seen - and I have seen many. Thank you for lifting my spirits!!

Rob, thank you for your beautiful film. I found it today at the world trade and it moved me.

Thank you very much.

Mary, RN
I just saw your wonderful powerpoint today. I saw it on a school website. I am a librarian at Pomona High School in Pomona, CA and would like to put a link on my site to your presentation. Are you granting permission for that? Thank you very much for putting this together - it is very inspiring and brings home to everyone (including young people) the immensity of the incident and especially makes clear the response. (My husband is an LA City firefighter--thanks for including the firefighters! I always knew that they were heroes and now the world knows it too!)

Diana Butcher
Library Media Teacher
Pomona High School Library
Pomona, CA 91767

The tribute slideshow was amazing and I hope that millions more saw it besides me...I am so glad to see something so wonderful. It meant a lot to see the production of that slideshow. I'm glad I saw it.

--Jeri Lynn Garner, Swisshome, Oregon

Greetings Rob,

Can you purchase a CD of your movie tribute? I share with you the intense pride all fellow Canadians feel towards the USA......It is best said simply......God Bless The United States of America!!

Your friends in CANADA.

Philip DeGrandpre
Vancouver Griffins Hockey Club
National Women's Hockey League

Thank you for putting together a excellant tribute to the men and women who
lost thier lives on September 11, 2001

Mike Jobe, Marion, ILL

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