the goal of this site was to touch the hearts, and rise the spirits, of as many people as possible. little did i know, i'd be affected to an even greater extent by your overwhelming response! i set up this feedback area to post your letters, spreading your words of hope and faith even further. hopefully, they'll have as wonderful an affect on you as they did on me. thank you so much for all of your warmth!!

if you have any questions or comments, or would like to add your feedback, please feel free to email me!

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I enjoyed your video. Thank you for taking the time not only to remember those we lost but to inspire those left behind.


Heartfelt thanks,

Kelly Crisp

Totally inspiring. I just returned from a"deployed location". My job is to put the bombs on the airplanes that are bombing Aphganistan. I worked many long and tiring hours. When I was cold .When I was hungry,I would watch this with my fellow loaders and it would give us that lift that we needed to continue. Thanks.



May we never forget those that served and died for their country. May we never forget those that serve their country now, both on the home front and overseas. May God have mercy on the souls of those that started this war, because we won't!!

SrA Matthew Pitcher




Thank you for taking time to respond. I watch your video at least once a day as a reminder as to why I do what I do, and as an inspiration to do it as best that I can. No matter how many times I watch it, it always brings a tear to my eye and sends shivers down my spine. I'm proud to be an American and blessed enough to serve in the greatest military in the world to protect her. Never forget how much your video and the time you take out of your personal life to generate such a powerful piece means to me and my family. Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart and with all the pride I have for this great country. You are truly an American, stand proud!!

United we stand, we will not fall, for these colors do not run!!

Matthew Pitcher, SrA, USAF
911 - Never Forget

I am not exactly sure how I came upon your movie,
America Triumphant, but I just had to drop you a line to tell you it is AWESOME! What a great piece of artistry, what a tribute. Thank you.

Dear Rob, I came accross your movie today and enjoyed it tremendously, very strong, I hope you get a moment to let us share with you our tribute to Our Nation, Our Flag, and our heroes with this tribute and song we have written. Thank You, Michelle
"Old Glory"(Signs of Hope) - 'An American Strength' ... click here

Thank you for the magnificent tribute to America. It made me cry and touched my heart. I will pass it on to all I know, so that they can see the beauty of your inspiration. God bless you for what you have created. Pat Musa

Just wanted to say thank you for letting everyone see your slide show. You like many people out there have done a magnificent job of displaying what the American people need to see at a time such as this. Your creativity has done so much good for the people who have been lucky enough to view it. Kudos to you, and all of those people who continue to strengthen America, one peson at a time...God Bless You!
Michelle Wiederman
Burlington, VT
i really enjoyed your mini movie. you really captured the feelings and emotions. just wanted to let you know i was really moved and will forward this to everyone. i really loved it!! almost cried...
Hi Rob,

I just wanted to send a note regarding this wonderful tribute. I originally watched it back in September and 7 months later I'm still watching it. I get the same feelings as the first time. You definitely covered all aspects of the event and the days that followed. It literally was in my backyard because I was able to go down to the point where I live and look across the water and see the smoke and haze. I also heard and saw the fighter jets. I hope people continue to watch this and never forget.

Debbie - Connecticut

Dear Rob,

My name is Steve, I'm currently going through to become a firefighter in the Manitoba Emergency Services Collage in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. I have only two months left before I need to find a job. My first day of class was September 11 and it was pretty ironic. So many firefighters died that day and yet me and 63 other that started school that day were not discouraged to keep going with it. My hole family is built of generations of firefighters so it hit me pretty hard. I just wanted to let you know that your memorial was truly moving. I just found it today and even after more than six months after 9/11 it still gets me very emotional. Great job on this wonderful work of art.

Just wanted to let you know that was excellent.

Thanks, and have a great day.
Richard Petersen

I have rently viewed the AmericaTriumphent video and I have to say it it absolutly amazing. Uplifting in its content and presentation.

Thanks for the video
God Bless America

Mr. Jake G. Spitzer
What a nice tribute. Let's also remember our Marines, Army, Air Force and Navy men. I have a son who is going into the Marines in June. Please everyone pray for our boys in the Armed Forces.

Ginger Hester

What a truly beautiful job you have done portraying the agony of 9/11, and yet the wonderful spirit that is America too.

We do have many heroes today, and in addition to the Firemen/women so beautifully pictured, I want to thank too the Emergency Medical Services (EMTS and MEDICS) and the Police Officers that risk(ed) life and limb every day to protect and save our country's proud citizens.

There is another site that may also be of interest to the visitors of this site:

Thank you for the inspiration!
Margaret W.
Stratford, CT

Thank you for making your wonderful movie! You brought tears to my eyes but
put hope in my heart!
God Bless America and God bless you!


Hello, my name is Robert Bracken, I am the Assistant Safety Manager for one of the federal prisons in Fort Worth, Texas. I saw your video on the internet and loved it. I was waundering if you would let me play it for a staff recall this month.

Thank You

Robert Bracke

Outstanding job! Thank you.


thanks and god bless


Oh Rob, the waiting was worth it. Such a beautiful tribute I've never seen before. Please keep up your fantastic works. Sincerely, Lee from Mi.
I was sent the AMERICA TRIUMPHANT e-mail by a friend of mine.

I must tell you, it is a truly beautiful tribute to our nation's strength! I was very impressed with it.

As a native New Yorker, (now living in Georgia), I was devastated by the events of September. 11,2001 as I'm sure millions of others were. You never imagine such a devastating event can occur during your lifetime and then it happens!! As long as our nation stays strong and united, we will prevail over the evil that darkened our land on 9/11/01.

Thank you for a job well done!


Your web page & dedication to the tragedy on Sept 11th is the finest i have seen, BRAVO, it should win an academy award.
God-Bless You & Keep You Safe
Maggie Reynolds BC Canada
Excellent page!!! am sending this on to my e-mail friends to enjoy!
thanks for the great work. Morris Floyd
To whom it may concern:

I just wanted to thank you for this website. I lost my younger brother in the WTC and this website say's it all for me! Thank you for such an inspirational site. This should be seen by all walks of life so no one ever forgets why we are at War!

Leanne Shay

Dear Rob,

A friend of ours who is serving in Kuwait right now forwarded us your site. all that comes to mind. I recently purchased "Chicken Soup for the American Soul" and read a couple of the stories and was reminded of how we can never forget this catastrophic event and all the lives lost...but also all the lives SAVED and protected by all the brave men and women of our country and those of other countries as well. I felt an extreme rush of patriotism and empathy as I viewed the film. I, too, would be interested in purchasing a CD for future viewing. Thank you Rob for your efforts. God Bless us all.
The Sullivan's

Thank you for taking the time to write back to me about the note I sent to
you concerning AMERICA TRIUMPHANT.

I had family affected by 9/11. My sister is a police officer in Manhattan,
who was on duty on 9/11, but whose precinct was North of the Towers. (Thank
God she is okay), and my brother in law was a witness to the terrorist
attacks and actually saw the 2nd plane hit the second tower. They are both
doing okay now. My sister has been to Ground Zero many times and says that
unless you see the destruction with your own eyes, you can not even begin to
imagine the magnitude of the situation.

Many thanks again for a job well done.


I was surfing around for some WTC photos and ran across your site. I was blown away by the flash sequence you have. It touched me deeply, and i could feel the pain and sorrow once again, that was put into motion on 9/11. Thank you very much for your time and have a wonderful day.

Together we stand, united against terrorism ....... G. Bush 9/11/2001

Your website brought so much pride in the country that I call home. Everybody has been so supportive and very kind to all of us. Your work on this website has only given me more pride in our nation. Thank you to all of you for your love, kindness, and support.

A1C Patrick Hansen

United States Air Force

I just loved the American Triumphant - Thank you.
you did a very nice job thank you...=)
Wonderful tribute touched my soul. Jodi Reavis
I've just come from seeing "America Triumphant" for the first time, and had to tell you how truly awesome it is. You've done a terrific job of putting together a slide show that tells the strength of America. Once we're all standing together, shoulder to shoulder, there's no way that any enemy power can make us subjective to their whims!!
Thank you for this beauty!!

God Bless America!!
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