the goal of this site was to touch the hearts, and rise the spirits, of as many people as possible. little did i know, i'd be affected to an even greater extent by your overwhelming response! i set up this feedback area to post your letters, spreading your words of hope and faith even further. hopefully, they'll have as wonderful an affect on you as they did on me. thank you so much for all of your warmth!!

if you have any questions or comments, or would like to add your feedback, please feel free to email me!

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"My power is made perfect in weakness." 2 Corinthians 12;9
The Hills

Thank u for creating a beautiful sit it brought tears to me . Thank u again united we stand/ USA forever

Ken Wilson

Just wanted to let you know, I have watched this multiple times. Each and everytime I cry.
Thank you.
Debbie Adams

I was very moved by the movie I hadn't realized how fresh my emotions were till I saw it. It gave me hope

To the Creater of this Honorable Site, your Character is none other than Platinum.

Thank-You, Dave from So. Cal.

This sight was emailed to me and I forward it to several others. Our prayers are with all the family who lost someone and with our troops who are fighting the battle so far form home. I will fly our Flag until they are all home safe and get the people responsible.



We refer to the above tribute page you made . We think it was so very well made. We loved it. We have put it on our "American Tribute Showcase", a page of urls which we were sent or we found. We hope you dont mind, but if you do, just email us and we will remove it.

We hope you will accept this small token and please visit our page to see where we have linked to you.

With best wishes
Mama and Bogle.

Also check out our tribute page

Visit our Website

Visit our graphic site

Dear Sir or Madame,

I, Bill Frank, a former Disney Artist, have created a sculpture entitled "A Tribute to Our Heroes" which honors those who lost their lives in the September 11th attack.
I have a website which I utilize to market the sculpture on the internet. (A portion of our proceeds will be donated to the Disaster Relief Fund.)
To gain maximum exposure, I am seeking WTC subject related websites to add my link on their site. Being shown on your website would surely be an asset. I have an animated image and a banner available for you to use at: . Of course, I can reciprocate by linking your site to ours if you wish.

For more information, please contact us at: attention: Judy Frank. We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you for your time and consideration,
Bill Frank
B J Originals

Wonderful! Great! How did you do it? Thank you so much . We are strong!
Thank you
Greetings! I just visited your web site and watched your movie. Very interesting and well done. I am producing a compilation CD of original songs (16) written about the September 11th tragedy.You can find out more about us at our web site www.eyesoffreedom We are also publishing a book of poetry written mostly by teens about the tragedy.
Pat Bishop
New Horizons Multi-Media
Dear Rob Kamphausen,
I just watched your video on your webpage for the second time since 4 months ago and just wanted to thank you. I am a cadet at the United States Military Academy and I'll tell you that my entire company (125 cadets) gathered to watch your video together after the attacks happened. Being in the military really gives me a deeper sense of appreciation for what our true heroes have accomplished. Thanks for the time you put into this and just know that it has been around the entire Corps of Cadets and touched many lives.


Brett A.Wetherill
Cadet, USMA, Class of 2003; Co A-4

it is very touching. thank you
I just saw that americantriumphant web page and i thought it was you have anymore you have made since then? I think its awesome music and just the reality of it.....thanks.
Robby Riggs
I stumbled across your web site about 2 months ago, and I cannot even begin to count the number of times I have revisited it - several dozen times at least! I've told my family and friends about it as well - everyone is equally moved by it. Watching your impressive video tribute has brought forth in me a wide range of emotions: sadness, respect, anger, resolve,
dignity and, most of all, hope. I know that you have already received a lot of feedback about your web site, and it is all well-deserved. You have done a remarkable job and I just wanted you to know how much it has touched me (and so many others). I have a greater sense of the enormity of this tragedy and the response of all Americans. I just wanted to say "thank you!"

Scott Livingston
Erie, PA

We Have Not Forgotten...

Have you heard the WTC-Song called, God Will Prevail_"The Victim's Anthem"? 4 Minutes of instrumental, then, lyrics follow to inspire. PLAY LOUD FOR BEST RESULTS. It is my deepest desire to get this song into the hands of the victim's, families, firefighters, policemen, rescue workers, military and the world. Please feel free to share or use this song or site with anyone you so desire. or To God Be The Glory ! Only For Him, Susan D. Wiseman

What a wonderful site. I hadn't seen it before. It was in Suzy Woo's
MailTruck. Thank you. Ruth
I can think of only one word to describe this web site...

Thank you for reminding me what we, as a people are about.

Hi My Name is Rob and 13 yrs old (sry cant give my last name). I saw your movie on and i have to say that little video really inspired me. When 9-11-01 happined my uncle died. But when i saw your video it really lifted my sririts. But the thing i was saddist about was the fact that 9-11-01 is my little cousins Birthday and 9-11-01
was a day before my birthday. I thought of corse i would have a lousy Birthday party ,it was in october, but when i saw you video it really got me going again. Plus it also helped me in school. What i mean is that when i felt down in school i just rembered your video. well i wrote this just to say thank you and i hope you can make more of those videos someother time.
Thank you for reading this. Please write back.

P/s i would like to know where you got that music from.

Thank you for your time,

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