the goal of this site was to touch the hearts, and rise the spirits, of as many people as possible. little did i know, i'd be affected to an even greater extent by your overwhelming response! i set up this feedback area to post your letters, spreading your words of hope and faith even further. hopefully, they'll have as wonderful an affect on you as they did on me. thank you so much for all of your warmth!!

if you have any questions or comments, or would like to add your feedback, please feel free to email me!

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YAY! and we stand together :)))))
Love From,

I really though your movie from was wonderful

Thank you,
Natalie Mize

If you do several great things in your life, consider this one of them....

Thank you and God bless you...

Glen Gilbert

I just wanted to say how much this film makes us realize how much we should appreciate our lives and each other. As a postal emplyee, I realize that the threats to this country are still not over yet. All I can do is ask God to keep me and my family safe and to take it one day at a time and wish for the dangers to our society to end soon!

Tom Viel

Your presentation was truly inspiring. Thank you so much for giving it to us.

John Johnston
Orlando, FL

For your terrific display of Patriotism and support... what a great job you did on this

Leilah Ward

Best web site on America's standing tall I've seen
Emily Dunn
I just wanted to say this is the best site I have seen yet in rememberance of the tragedy !! Please keep up the good work !!!!!!!!!!!!!
My husband is a volunteer firefighter & my son is in the army slated to go to the Gulf on December 15th. September 11th was very difficult for me because both my husband & son are indirectly involved.

I am extremely proud of both of them & wanted to express my appreciation for what you put together. I plan on forwarding to everyone I know as a show of support.

Thank you for the tribute.

Susan Thies

Thanks for the beautiful footage you had taken of our determination, our unity, and our pride.

Mary Kritenbrink
Centennial, Co
This is truly awe inspiring..

Since September 11th, America has been in it's shining hour. If we're not trying to take care of those left behind in this tragedy, we're trying to send help to those caught up in the war. Thank you and keep the page going as long as you can.
Mr. Kamphausen,

Just when I thought I saw every kind of patriotic tribute, this wonderful movie that you put together really meant the most to me. Thank you, and the other credits, for allowing so many of us to view it.

Very Respectfully,
Dawn Reiley
US Navy

Excellent has passed through Air Force email accounts like wild fire.


Chris Eakins
Christopher S. Eakins, SSgt, USAF
Air Traffic Control Watch Supervisor

Thank you for this wonderful piece. We have linked to it for our military families to enjoy. Who knows - maybe it will bring you a new client!!

Ann Crawford
Military Living Publications
Serving Those Who Serve Since 1969
Where the MILITARY FUN begins!
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for mail list signup. We
are sending out updates.

Just wanted to say EXCELLENT!

MSgt Tom Caygle

Truly the best material related to 9/11 that I have seen on the internet.

Mark Louttit
CW2 USA (ret)
Leominster, MA

Two words...Thank you.

Vanessa Everhart
FF/EMT Ottawa County Fire District #4 and proud of it!

This was unbelievable! Outstanding, Well Done!

I got it from my cousin in Chicago Illinois. I am in Clinton Iowa. My cousin was very touched by your video, she has good reason to be. Her brother past away recently. He was in Viet Nam twice as a marine. He was a Chicago Police Officer for 28 years. He was six months from retirement when he had a heart attack and past away.

You video was very inspiring. I sent it to a great friend of mine who is an attorney for the government. He has fought and won several cases against companies who are trying to steal from the Government. He is also a retired Special Forces Army Colonel who also was in Viet Nam. He is a Great Person and I am honored to send him your masterpiece.

Thanks very much again for your work. You have far exceeded your expectations. Everyone that I have sent it to cannot say enough great things about. You are truly a Patriot!


Chief James E. Pfeiffer
LeClaire Iowa Police Department

Thank you for your encouragement.
Carol Lee Stidham
Job well done on the movie clip!

Chris Calma
US Navy

I can't begin to thank you, the words thank you just cannot experss what I feel in my mind and in my heart.
Marie Gordon
Thank you, one knows that we are strong and will win, but sometimes it helps to have inspiration. Laura George
Dear Rob, and My American Family:

I thought all my tears had been shed. Its been nearly a month and a half, and while I knew the grief and sadness would endure for a long while, I thought the tears had been expended.

Then I saw this film, and i felt my cheeks getting wet once again, the sting in my eyes, and the tightness in my throat.

I love America; I believe in America, this land that I love.
I ask God to bless her and stand beside her. Indeed, to guide her through this dark night of tragedy, sorrow and horror, with the LIGHT from above.

My prayer for America is that we return to the bedrock of truth, and Grace, which made this nation great in its very infancy. We all say "GOD BLESS AMERICA" and I certainly give a hearty AMEN to that...

But I also believe that we have, generally speaking, strayed off course from what God intended for us as a godly nation. we are in need to repent, and to turn to God fully, and follow Him as He desires. I pray that we, myself included: examine our hearts, seek the Lord our God, and return to Him in any way where we have strayed from Him.
Then as He saves America (in so many ways, spiritually, economically, familially, including nationally as in our security of borders, states and cities), He is free then to abundantly bless america... again!!!

Love You All,

your brother american,

James Fire
tucson, az USA

I just received an email with this site - movie with your name in the credits.

thank you, for doing this - it is stirring and heart warming.

Barbara & Tom
Ellicott City, Maryland

I really thought your movie presentation was wonderful.
Thank You.
Ruth Cunningham
This is just wonderful and if you ever do anymore of them please send them to me. What an emotional impact and you captured it all. Thank you,
Debbie Q from California
From the broken heart of a retired soldier I want to give you and the rescue workers a simple THANK YOU for your dignity and grace.

Take care

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