the goal of this site was to touch the hearts, and rise the spirits, of as many people as possible. little did i know, i'd be affected to an even greater extent by your overwhelming response! i set up this feedback area to post your letters, spreading your words of hope and faith even further. hopefully, they'll have as wonderful an affect on you as they did on me. thank you so much for all of your warmth!!

if you have any questions or comments, or would like to add your feedback, please feel free to email me!

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So beautiful.
Thank you.
Sylph Michelle

Nice Kicks Ass good Job.

Mark C. Parody
Finger Lakes NY

That email(movie thing) you made was Great..just thought I'd let you know.
Shawn Allen

Thanks for sharing it with us!!
MaryAnn Higgins

Thank you from my heart for this. God Bless

LaShanda A. Taylor
Allstate Insurance Company
Subrogation Decision Specialist
Atlanta Subrogation Claims Center

Just wanted to take a minute and let you know how you have created such a wonderful piece. You should be proud of yourself, in this time of great tragedy in our nation, it is wonderful to see these kind of pieces come out!! Thanks again for all your time and effort it took to make this, you are truly a gifted and talented individual.

Thanks Again!!

Tamra Venable,
Kansas City, Missouri

Thank you for this wonderful tribute to the US.

Connie Hingert

Awesome!! This is something I would like to play on with your permission. Awesome!! Thanks, Jim
Excellent job!
Tara Leviston
Dear Rob,

Thank you for putting this on the web. It made me think about things again and made me realize just how proud I am to be an American. thank you for reminding us all of what it really is all about.

We will not falter,
We will not fall
The United States will come out of this on top, like we always do.

thank you

Pat from San Jose, CA

This is without any reservation. the most beuitful creations on the internet today!

Kirn C. Gibson

Your web site was Awesome!! One of thebest I've have seen. Job well done. Thanks for your time and effort put into this.


WOW...what a great site...I love it...God Bless the U.S.A...!!!

Michael D

That is the most awesome movie. I don't know who you are, but way to go!

Amy Clemmons

Just wanted to thank you for such a beautiful site.

Jason and Kelly Moulton

Thank you for your contribution to

It was *awesome*....the link is being passed throughout the military community around the globe.


AN EXCELLENT JOB YOU did with this website.

IT was fantastic!
Very moving too!
Thank you!

WOW! This was a really powerful message. I can not but think of the one line in a movie that I saw many years ago where a very revered Japanese Admiral said after the attack on Pearl Harbor. "I FEAR THAT ALL WE HAVE DONE IS AROUSED A SLEEPING GIANT AND FILLED HIM WITH A TERRIBLE RESOLVE." I am proud to be an American, God Bless the USA. All the Way!

Have a Great Day. AIRBORNE!
CW5 Edwin W Sugai
DEN 380-5465

You movie keeps our hope and unity strong! I am so touched by our strength and resolve, but also by our friends from around the world. Thank you all for your compassion, understanding, community. We will never forget!

God Bless America

Cpt Kimberly Rybak, US Army

Dear Sir,
I'm serving over seas an this act will be avenged. We don't care how long it takes our friends and families in the states will be safe. I'll bet my life on it. Thank you for your support and God Bless

John DeYoung

That was an awesome and very powerful video. I just wanted to say God Bless Everyone with all the good that could come from all the bad. Take Care and Thank You!
Diane Thiel
Dear Rob,
I have watch this over and over and each time it gives me a since of peace that I haven't felt since Sept. 11. I live in Kansas and feel so far away from ground zero and at times so helpless. I am losing my job due to the disaster in New York but when I see pictures like yours it makes me realize that my problems are small in comparison to what the entire nation and families of the missing and dead are going through.

Our country is strong and will prevail and I have never felt more proud to be and live as a American.

As I was watching this I remembered an e-mail that I received from a co-worker; if you would like you can post it.

A "911" Call To God

As the World Trade Centers crumbled, our lives were crumbled too, So God, We're dialing 911 - "We need to talk to you!"

We tried to see your face today, but God we could not see, The smoke and fire engulfed us, we scream, "Who can this be?"

We're watching now with horror, God, as thousands lose their lives, At the hands of cold blood killers, using planes that
fly our skies.

We're weeping, praying, crying God, our faith in You now wanes, Where were you God this morning? Who piloted those planes?

We know you love America, you've blessed us many ways, But God, this scene is so surreal, the world is in a daze.

This Nation's "Under God," you know, so will you please come near, We need to feel your presence, Lord, our lives are filled with fear.

We need your guidance now, Oh Lord, we simply cannot cope, This tragedy has ripped away, our life, our love, our hope.

And God, these loved ones left behind, need strength beyond compare, Their lives are shattered, all is gone, please show them that you care.

Please put your arms around them, draw them close unto your breast, Heal their wounds and mend their hearts, hold them high above the rest.

As you summon Heavens angels, to prepare them for the day, And you wait at Heaven's portal for our loved ones on their way,

Will you please be sure to tell them that their lives were not in vain, That freedom's bells though silenced, will surely ring again.

We know your heart is heavy too, as you stand at Heaven's door, And watch these deadly scenes unfold, through hate we so deplore.


Though freedom's bells were silenced for a moment on this date, They will ring out loudly once again, as love outweighs the hate.

Fran Maiers

Once again as the nation is brought to its knees - this time with such force, we question whether or not we will ever be able to get up again - as tears stream down my face, the only solace I can find is in a pen as I ask God to give me a few words that might touch even one person whose life has been changed forever this morning. These words came to me as I
prayed and cried for fellow Americans I do not even know - but for whom my heart aches today...Fran Maiers

I think alot of people probably felt the same as this person but we will prevail. God Bless America

Wichita, Ks.

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