the goal of this site was to touch the hearts, and rise the spirits, of as many people as possible. little did i know, i'd be affected to an even greater extent by your overwhelming response! i set up this feedback area to post your letters, spreading your words of hope and faith even further. hopefully, they'll have as wonderful an affect on you as they did on me. thank you so much for all of your warmth!!

if you have any questions or comments, or would like to add your feedback, please feel free to email me!

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Rob, the film was great . Thank you for sharing it with the world.
Barbara Siebeneick, Randolph, NJ

Bent Not Broken

We're bent, but we're not broken
Our hearts need time to mend
This pain along our journey
Has depth that sees no end

The world and all its corners
can't hide a coward's flight
The spirit of our country
Will avenge the ones who died

There's piles of dirt and rubble
Bodies, glass and stone
But they cannot kill our courage
We do not walk alone

We have a hole in New York City
Where grown men sit and cry
But Freedom's song still rings there
And Liberty's light still shines

We're bent but we're not broken
By hatred's fiery blast
But Patriot's dreams still rise
From what was once just ash

I thought I would tell you what my 7 year old daughter had to say about the attack on the WTC. Our girls go to Catholic school, so that will give you a little insight into their thinking. At any rate, I asked her what she thought about things... was anything bothering her....

She said, " Mom, I know why bad things happen." I am driving along thinking... okay.. what in the world will she say... She says " God lets bad things happen so that we appreciate the good things He does." I have been thinking about that statement a lot and have been so amazed at her insight, as well as humbled by the thought.

So.... Rob... I appreciate the good thing you did. It helped tremendously. I was able to share it with my family as well as many other people on my email list. I don't send much, but only things I think worthy of the time it takes to see/read things.

Continue to have a great experience with this movie. Continue to have the creative insight you have, and continue to think about all the good things we are given.


Rob, this is beautiful and made me teary eyed--again.

We have a cousin who is a state trooper in Virginia. He was on traffic duty that morning and rushed to the Pentagon and helped to get people out. He spent a week in the hospital after receiving smoke damage to his lungs, esophagus, and throat. He'll be okay--one of the lucky ones.

These people just do not understand us Americans if they didn't realize that this would pull us together, not make us weak. Thanks, Rob.

God bless you for seeing how strong we really are! And Godd bless the United States! Thank you for that movie you made. You made even a girl in MS feel like I can accomplish anything during these times!

I wanted to thank you for your efforts. I found it to be moving, poient(sp?), profound, I don't enough words to describe how it made me feel. I am usually the quiet one, never say anything, never input my opinion, but your movie move me, and I had to say Thank You for a job more than well done. GOD BLESS YOU & YOURS. PEACE

Just wanted to let you know that I passed the movie on to many people in many different areas and the response I have gotten back is UNBELIEVABLE!!! Phone calls, emails, ims etc asking who the GENIUS is that made it. So kudos to you and I will continue to pass it on and give out your email so you can get the responses and see that your work did not go unnoticed!!! GOD BLESS THE USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bright Blessings and Walk in Peace
Stay Safe
Terry a.k.a. DnaDolphin

Dear Rob,

I just watched the video that you made on the tragedy that happened on Sept. 11. I would like to let you know that I think you did an excellent job on the video and I am sure it has brought comfort to many people who have watched it. It was very well done and the pictures were very moving.
I am not an American but I think everyone has been touched by this tragedy and everyone is feeling your countries pain. Watching your video along with countless other videos from TV and the internet has made everyone realize what a great country the United States of America is and it is great to see that everyone is pulling together and not letting this tragedy get the better of you.
Once again I just wanted to let you know that you did an excellent job with the video and I hope lots of people buy it to support you and the Red Cross.

Nicole Luyben
Ontario, Canada

My best friend sent your video to me by e-mail. I think it's about the most beautiful thing that I have seen since this whole mess started. I think that it's about time that we as a country start coming together. I really think that it's very sad that it had to take a disater such as this to make every one start being patriotic. You just sumed everything up in you short video. It's great. I loved it very much. May God bless us all!! Thank you for doing it. God Bless our soldiers over there. May He keep them safe and return to thier families soon. Thank you again!

Hey Rob

Your URL was passed to me by a friend who works in Florida.... I live in the UK and I have to say that this is one of the best... if not, the best presentation I have seen. Very stirring and very patriotic. Bravo. Well done... and thank you. As someone who has lived terrorism in Africa, I am well aware of the feelings it can instil - kick butt is a good way of getting things sorted and it does make you feel better. Never give in to them. Never stay on the floor and never turn your back on them. :-)

Best wishes
Julie Kirkham

Hello! We're 14 and from England. Me and my friend watched your film and found it very moving. We think it's excellent, but one thing, what about the UK? We're helping quite a lot! But we still think it's a good tribute to the lives lost, and it helps support people who have lost loved ones and helped them to cope. Well Done.
Love Stacey and Georgina

Excellent! Bravo! Right on!!! This is one of the few emails/web sites I've saved. It's inspirational! Thank you.

Leesa Dillman
Early Voting Supervisor
Clark County Election Department
North Las Vegas, NV

You have a great site!

We have recently launched and our goal is to raise money for the victims families foundations.

Soon we will be launching a major print media blitz in many newspapers throughout USA.

We have also been contacted by the beamer foundation and will be providing them a domain to use as well as information about their foundation on our site.

Daniel McLean
Admin Office


Sir, as member of the armed forces I would first like to thank you and say God bless you for your effort and work. It is good to see that we as Americans are coming together in this desperate hour and it continues to encourage us in the service to keep our standards up against our enigmatic and ellusive enemy. I would like to order two copies of this CD.
Again thank you and God bless. <><

Jeffrey A. Hill, SrA, USAF
Ground Radio Maintenance Journeyman

"Now abide in these: faith, hope, and love, and the greatest of these is

Hi Rob,
Pretty damn good. I would like to add these words to your site. It was once said by Admiral Yamamoto; after the Pearl Harbor raid that "We have not dealt a lethal blow to the enemy, we have just woken a sleeping bear". Watch out; Terrorist of the world, our teeth are long and jagged. Our claws can rip things to shreds. Ask Sadam Hussein and if he were an honest man he would tell you that he is in for one hell of a beating. Thank God I'm on the side of right. I sure would hate to be on the receiving end of this one. My Very Deepest Regards,

Mr. Gary A. Miller
Asst. Project Manager
Trailboss Ent. Inc.
RAF Lakenheath Transient Alert

As a member of the US Air Force, I can't tell you the effect your video had on me. Please send me all the information I need to order one.


Scott E. Ehling

I was so moved by your video "God Bless the Unites States of America". As the Special Events Director the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs largest rehabilitation and long term care center, I am privileged each year to salute our great nation and our nation's heroes during our November 11 Veterans Day Tribute. This year, I am planning a community-wide Celebration of the American Spirit. Would it be possible to get a copy of this video to show on our Theater's large screen? Thank you so much for your inspiration!

Anna L. Diehl
Chief, Community Resources Development

I LOVE your flash movie! It is things like this that will inspire us and help heal us all. Please send info on getting the CD. I am working on a Memorial/Tribute video for some of the guys in my local fire department who lost fellow firefighters, and would like to include some the images in your presentation. Do you think that this is possible? I will send you a copy of the finished video if you could provide me with video clips or JPEGS. I don't intend to collect any money for this, however, if there is enough interest locally, I will makes copies of the video and donate any money collected to the NYC Firefighters Memorial Fund. Thanks, Keep up the great work!

This is jonas wakelin's friend chris norris. I am in the 9th grade at potomac senior high school with jonas... When he showed me this for the first time a feeling of Patriotism came over me. I felt as i had more confidence in our nation. Only a skilled individual such as yourself would be able to create something so national recognized that this movie had to bring a tear to everyone's eye. As we speak this e-mail is being sent over the nation i have sent this to people nation wide to email of people who have large email lists. I have got a response from a person in indiana stating that the movie was beautiful and this person now e-mailed it to all her relatives nation wide. I will try to show this on the television at school. jonas and I have decided to dedicate this whole movie to the people who lost loves ones and the people who
have died trying to save ones that were crushed on ground zero. We also dedicate the movie to it's creator; a dedicated american who took his time to create this movie. As you might have thought this movie is not a publicity stunt but a sign of compassion one american has for his country. God Bless You....
Your friend's Friend(mike,jonas' dad),
Christopher Ray Norris

The Harmony Editor and Award Group has selected your site for the Harmony American Spirit Award. Your contribution to America and to the online community is much appreciated. For those of you who are not on AOL, the award is attached. Please feel free to display this on your web page.

In Harmony,
Lace Of Hope ~ Cheryl
Prism1603 ~ Sheri

InHarmony Website

"We will not tire, we will not falter and we will not fail."
-George W. Bush

We have developed a site, "" in hopes of raising money for the families of the victims of the "Attack On America", September 11, 2001. A CD was made to help raise money. The song called "The Walls" is doing very well in Maryland. Not only being played on radio stations, but sold in different retail stores. Already a financial fund is established and is growing. There will never be too much money to help these families, to help send children to college. NO, this will not replace those lost in this tragedy, but just try to make it a little easier financially.

We need your help! We would like to take this wave from Maryland across the nation.

Please visit our page and let us know what you think. You can even listen to a sample of one of our songs written for this tragedy. We have set up a links page to get the word out of others trying to help.

God Bless America

Main page:


Thanks so much for making me feel proud to be an American.

Your talent shines.

Paul Hemphill
Viet Nam vet

AWESOME!!!! and how true!

Kay H. From Iowa

Great job - keep up the good work
Steve Shultz

excellent tribute :)

Thank you for the page.
I am very glad to see so many patriotic
people showing their love for America.
It has been passed on.

Fell free to mine ,the third one down is
my own version.

Sam Baxter

Kathleens Page***LOOK***please

i would like to thank you for making this web site its great!! a friend of mines sent this to me in the mail & i will pass it on to all of my friends !! it brought tears to my eyes, tears of strength, pride, it made me feel Great in side, thank you so very much! i think the whole world should see this web site & I hope many people do see it. Thank you again & God Bless!
Vicky :-)

Thank you for sharing the video with others. I was not having a very good day today. Some days I am ok. I am strong and feel a sense of that strength as I go about my day. Then there are times I have my moments. I don't know what will trigger it. It can be something on the news. A song hits me. It might be when I go in to say goodnight to my five year old granddaughter to kneel by her bed and thank God for the gift of her in my life. Or it might be something as simple as watching The Waltons and I find myself in tears. I was having one of the days that tears seemed to conquer till I looked at your video. The sadness did touch me. The sense of strength and comfort came to me stronger. We are one. We stand united. The Little Chapel That Stood in New York City, a block from the center of the destruction is a symbol my heart clings to. It was not touched. God is with us. Your video gave me the lift in my spirits today to wipe my tears. Thank you..and God Bless you. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! Bets

Dear Rob,

Thank you so much for this beautiful tribute. You have touched a chord in so many of us with your inspiring work.

PA Grandmother

Dear Rob,

I felt it necassary to e-mail you and send you my gratitude. Your "movie" was sent to me in an e-mail forward recently and I followed the link and watched it. I was deeply moved. I too feel it is a shame that it took an event as horrible and tragic as this to bring the world
together. I would like to thank you for your unselfish motivation behind making the video. There were and still are a lot of people who needed that kind of inspiration and assurance. I am positive you have brought peace to a lot of minds. With that said, I would also like to add another note before I conclude this e-mail. Since you have now started another page to show your feedback, I wanted to touch on this. There have been numerous counts of hate crimes against Muslims in America. It makes me sick to my stomach to see each new report of it on the news. Although they have decreased since the 11th of Sept., it is still happening. The only way this is going to stop is if we show the nation as a whole that we are against the terrorist and not a religion or race and stress to the world that we are a better people than the narrow minded people who commit these hate crimes. We will come out of the depression the tragedy caused and we will come out as a stronger people and it is people like you Rob who help us in that conquest. If there were only more with your heart. Thank you again and God bless you. Walk tomorrow with a smile on your face because you deserve it.
Cody O. Prater

Dear Rob:

I was very much touched by your flash movie as were so many other people. Unfortunately the world has been greatly changed by these events. Where as we took for granted so much of our every day lives, now we are acutely aware of our every move. Fortunately though we have also found that there is so much good in the people around us. We have renewed faith in our neighbors and countrymen. God bless America, God bless the World.

Susan L. Whitney

Thank you for putting together that tribute to the American Spirit

Ileana Couret-Endom
Product Manager-Application Software
Digex, Incorporated

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